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Awakenings - E-Novel set in Greece

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Awakenings is a dramatic romantic novel of escape to friendship and love, set on the Greek island of Santorini.

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Would you trust a two-dimensional friend from an internet chat page, and run to her when leaving an abusive and violent husband?

Mary Illingford does. She leaves Paul, helped by her feisty daughter, Jenni, who accompanies her to the island of Santorini,

Once there Mary meets Eleni, owner of beautiful apartments overlooking the stunning caldera lake, Julia from England,
John, Eleni’s family friend, and discovers life isn’t just fear and drudgery.

Jenni and Marios, Eleni’s son, fall in love and are challenged by the differences in their cultures and the spectre of a long-distance relationship. When Jenni is eventually accosted by Paul in his attempt to find Mary, she realises that her love for Marios at least deserves a chance...

Awakenings investigates the formation of overseas friendships through the internet, and their extension into real life - still a
relatively new and controversial concept.

The beautiful but strange and mysterious island of Santorini is the setting for this romantic drama.


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