Helen Ellis

During her life Helen has had a go at writing anything and everything - from newsletters, magazine articles, exhibition critiques, editorial content for charity magazines, travel pieces on the antique markets of London, to a full-stage adaptation of the story of Gilbert and Sullivan for the G&S Society of South Australia. Having been an actor/singer, theatre director, art gallery proprietor, wife and mother, antique dealer, gift retailer, and now a full-time writer, Helen draws on her life experiences in all her work.

Often wondering if, in a past life, she lived on a Greek island, Helen has travelled for the past twenty years throughout Greece. She has passed much of this time in villages studying traditions, and enjoying the day-to-day life of the people. She has spent holidays in domatia (rooms) of all kinds throughout the Mainland, the Peloponnese and the Greek islands. She says she’s been looking for her special place, but in the meantime has gathered experiences, images, indulgences, and friends.

Helen's travel writing includes, Paros, published in Lonely Planet’s Rite of Passage - Tales of Backpacking Round Europe, P.168, a photo/para "postcard" of Israel in The Asia Book, P.216, and her latest travel piece on Greece - Ancient Charms for the Young-at-heart which appeared in the Sunday News Limited newspapers in Australia.

Her travel memoir (and cooking challenge) - Make Mine A Moussaka (E Book) - is her most recent work:  (See it under 'Words' on this website).

Knowing it's always a problem when you want to visit a foreign country but don’t know a lot about it and how it works, Helen recommends her eBook (see it under 'Words' on this website) - GREECE - 100 Travel Tips 

Helen is a prolific writer of fiction and has several books published online - see her other website https://www.helenspixandwords.com. A member of the Romance Writers of Australia, Helen has had short stories published in their "Little Gems" anthologies. Her adventure novel for children, Max and the Gang of Five, is now available. There will be more too - Helen has other novels in preparation (watch for them!), and a portfolio of photographs from around the world. 

Helen wishes to thank Melanie Olson for her fine work in designing and setting up this site, and to Timothy Ellis for his support and expertise.

For further details contact her - helen@greekpixandwords.com
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