I have always loved flowers, so it was a given that I would take photographs of the wildflowers of Greece.
Over the years I've discovered all kinds of blooms, in all seasons, in all places. This is a small collection of my
pictures. Some, I'm sure, are weeds, but to me they are all beautiful.
I've done quite a bit of research on the names
of them, but I know that I'll be wrong on a good many, so if you see I've named one incorrectly, please let me
know. There are a few I couldn't find a name for.

3400 Campanula carpatha P1030605.JPG

3401 Campanula pelviformis P1030665.JPG

3402 Wild leek P1060243.JPG

3403 Legousia pentagonia, wildflower P1040473.JPG

3404 Valerian P1050633.JPG

3405 Valerian and silene vulgaris P1030993.JPG

3406 Silene vulgaris P1030945.JPG

3407 Helichrysum italicum P1040330.JPG

3408 Helichrysm stoechas P1040293.JPG

3409 Yellow horned poppy P1020969.JPG

3410 Common poppy P1040415.JPG

3411 Common poppy and crown daisy P1040410.JPG

3412 Crown daisy P1040412.JPG

3413 Bellis perennis - daisy P1020979.JPG

3414 Corn marigold P1030562.JPG

3415 Chrysanthemum segetum, Corn marigolds P1070129.JPG

3416 Crown daisy and common mallow, with euphorbia  P1030581.JPG

3417 Common mallow P1030540.JPG

3418 Hypericum perforatum P1030551.JPG

3419 Yellow asphodel P1040845.JPG

3420 Origanum onites P1060187.JPG

3421 Origanum onites P1040504.JPG

3422 Common grape hyacinth P1050201.JPG

3423 Thymus capitatus - wild thyme P1070400.JPG

3424 Thymus capitatus P1070830.JPG

3425 Salsify P1030006.JPG

3426 Wild Carrot in bud P1040433.JPG

3427 Wild carrot P1050419.JPG

3428 Wild carrot, and Convolvulus elegantissimus  P1040502.JPG

3429 Convolvulus althaeoides P1040148.JPG

3430 Convolvulus oleifolius P1040291.JPG

3431 Blue convolvulus P1070287.JPG

3432 Ophrys apifera, Bee orchid P1050234.JPG

3433 Ophrys spegodes, Early spider orchid P1050636.JPG

3434 Pyramidal orchid P1050605.JPG

3435 Pyramidal orchid P1040853.JPG

3436 Argula P1030773.JPG

3437 Arabis alpina P1030063.JPG

3438 Wild ranunculus P1050226.JPG

3439 Acanthus spinosus P1060186.JPG

3440  Notobasis syriaca P1040225.JPG

3441 Centaurea calcitrapa P1040540.JPG

3442 Onopordum illyricum P1060866.JPG

3443 Onopordium tauricum P1060195.JPG

3444 Ptilostemon chamaepeuce P1040881.JPG

3445 Echinops spinosissimus, Spiny globe thistle P1070965.JPG

3446 Echinops spinosissimus P1070952.JPG

3447 Echinops spinosissimus DSC08103.JPG

3448 Pallenis spinosa P1040476.JPG

3449 Honeysuckle P1040527.JPG

3450 Scoylmus hispanicus P1060975.JPG

3451 Knautia integrifolia P1030610.JPG

3452 Prasium majus P1030269.JPG

3453 Nigella damascena P1030894.JPG

3454 Verbascum macrurum P1040440.JPG

3455 Verbascum sinuatum P1040499.JPG

3456 Verbascum arcturus P1030278.JPG

3457 Verbascum undulatum P1030642.JPG

3458 From the Verbascum family P1040810.JPG

3459 Wild Iris P1050233.JPG

3460 Psoralea bituminosa P1030663.JPG

3461 Ferula communis, Giant fennel P1030977.JPG

3462 Probably Ferulago nodosa P1040439.JPG

3463 Status P1040335.JPG

3464 Petrorhagia velutina P1040381.JPG

3465 Petrorhagia velutina and wild poppy P1040102.JPG

3466 Petrorhagia velutina P1040906.JPG

3467 Petrorhagia velutina P1040907.JPG

3468 Vetch P1030947.JPG

3469 Of the Vicia genus P1040902.JPG

3470 A visitor P1040818.JPG

3471 Helianthemum hymettium P1040854.JPG

3472 Caper P1040629.JPG

3473 Dracunculus vulgaris P1030488.JPG

3474 Seed pods of Dracunculus vulgaris P1070941.JPG

3475 Fragrant clematis P1050255.JPG

3476 Lysimachia serpyllifolia P1060072.JPG

3477 Orlaya grandiflora P1050122.JPG

3478 Orlaya grandiflora P1040905.JPG

3479 Phlomis cretica P1050148.JPG

3480 Phlomis fruticosa (sage) P1030109.JPG

3481 Ornithogalum atticum, and Bellis perennis P1040041.JPG

3482 Wildflower P1050212.JPG

3483 Wildflower P1050567.JPG

3484 Wildflower P1050637.JPG

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