Vikos Gorge and the Zagoria
One of the most spectacular trips in North-west Greece is into the fascinating Zagoria country on the
perimeter of the Vikos Gorge and the Pindos Mountains. As I have said on the Metsovo page - most tourists never
know about this region, let alone make a point of seeing it. By a twist of fate I booked myself on a tour, only to find the bus had
broken down - instead I was driven in a car with two other tourists. Consequently we discovered the real Zagoria - the
storks on their nests, the ancient bridges, grey stone towns, the wildflowers and of course the stunning Vikos Gorge itself.
I have since been back several times, driven each time by the same driver. The whole area is truly awesome.
(See also my page of Metsovo for more pictures of the Pindos Range.)

1200 Stork Nest on Power Pole (one baby) P1040765.JPG

1201 Mama Stork P1040955.JPG

1202 Mama and Papa Stork P1050549.JPG

1203 Mama and Papa Stork and Friends P1050554.JPG

1204 Mama Stork and three babies P1050937.JPG

1205 Ancient Stone Bridge at Kipi, Zagoria P1040780.JPG

1206 Bridge at Kipi, Zagoria P1050240.JPG

1207 Crossing the Bridge, Kipi, Zagoria P1040783.JPG

1208 Crossing the Bridge, Kipi, Zagoria P1040791.JPG

1209 Cattle crossing the river, Zagoria P1050243.JPG

1210 Old 3-span Bridge, Kipi, Zagoria P1040804.JPG

1211 Old Stone Bridge, Kipi, Zagoria P1050251.JPG

1212 Another view of the stone bridge, Kipi, Zagoria P1040807.JPG

1213 In among the wildflowers, Zagoria P1040811.JPG

1214 Monodendri, Zagoria P1040823 (2).JPG

1215 Monodendri, Zagoria P1040835.JPG

1216 Monodrendri, Zagoria P1050127.JPG

1217 Monodendri, Zagoria P1050125.JPG

1218 Monodendri, Zagoria P1050126.JPG

1219 General Store, Monodendri,Zagoria P1050131.JPG

1220 Old Slate Roofs, Monodendri, Zagoria P1050133.JPG

1221 Pathway to the Gorge Lookout, Zagoria P1050140.JPG

1222 Old Stonework along pathway, Zagoria P1050153.JPG

1223 Pathway to Vikos Gorge P1040859.JPG

1224 View from Pathway to Vikos Gorge P1050146.JPG

1225 Narrow Precipitous Path to Vikos Gorge  P1050161.JPG

1226 As far as you can go! Vikos Gorge P1050167.JPG

1227 Top of the Vikos Gorge Path 1050175.JPG

1228 Vikos Gorge P1040866.JPG

1229 Wild geraniums on edge of drop to Vikos Gorge P1040874.JPG

1230 Lookout Point, Vikos Gorge P1040878.JPG

1231 Vikos Gorge P1040881.JPG.JPG

1232 Edge of Vikos Gorge P1040880.JPG

1233 Vikos Gorge P1040863.JPG

1234 Lookout Point, Vikos Gorge P1040891.JPG

1235 Lookout Point, Vikos Gorge P1040884.JPG

1236 Looking down into the Vikos Gorge P1040888.JPG

1237 Looking down into the Vikos Gorge P1040894.JPG

1238 Vikos Gorge P1040871.JPG

1239 Vikos Gorge P1040882 (2).JPG

1240 Vikos Gorge P1040895.JPG

1241 Vikos Gorge P1040867.JPG

1242 Vikos Gorge P1040870.JPG

1243 Vikos Gorge P1040873.JPG

1244 Amazing Vikos Gorge P1040885.JPG

1245 Helen and Richard with 2 Dutch Tourists, Vikos Gorge P1050204.JPG

1246 Orlaya - Wildflowers, Vikos Gorge P1050121.JPG

1247 Wild Grape Hyacinths, Vikos Gorge P1040886.JPG

1248 Pink Vicia - Wildflowers, Vikos Gorge P1040902.JPG

1249 Tiny Visitor, wildflowers, Vikos Gorge P1040818.JPG

1250 Beautiful Wildflowers, Zagoria P1050637.JPG

1251 Petrorhagia velutina - Wildflowers, Zagoria P1040906.JPG

1252 Wild Bee Orchid, Zagoria P1050234.JPG

1253 Phlomis cretica - Wildflowers, Zagoria P1050148.JPG

1254 Wild ranunculus, Zagoria P1050226.JPG

1255 Tortoise on the road! I picked him up to save him. Zagoria P1040830.JPG

1256 Slow and steady... Zagoria P1050652.JPG

1257 Little Lizard, Zagoria P1050179.JPG

1258 Rock formation along the road, Zagoria P1040824.JPG

1259 Rock formations, Zagoria P1040826.JPG

1260 Vikos Gorge from Vikos Lookout P1040913.JPG

1261 Best seat for the view, Vikos Gorge P1050580.JPG

1262 Sit among the wildflowers, Vikos Gorge P1040921.JPG

1263 Another view of the Vikos Gorge P1040918.JPG

1264 Hillside and yellow flowers, Vikos Gorge P1040925.JPG

1265 Hillside and flowers, Vikos Gorge P1050582.JPG

1266 Hillside and flowers, Vikos Gorge P1040915.JPG

1267 Wildflowers and the Vikos Gorge P1050602.JPG

1268 Cafe in Vikos, Zagoria P1050577.JPG

1269 Lunchtime in Vikos, Zagoria P1050573.JPG

1270 Grey Stone Villages of Zagoria P1040927.JPG

1271 Grey Stone Villages of Zagoria P1040947.JPG

1272 View from Aristi, Zagoria P1040948.JPG

1273 Grey Stone Villages of Zagoria P1050560.JPG

1274 Grey Stone Villages of Zagoria P1050561.JPG

1275 Voidomatis River near Aristi, Zagoria P1040931.JPG

1276 Miasma on the Voidomatis River, Zagoria P1040937.JPG

1277 Miasma on the Voidomatis River, Zagoria P1040935.JPG

1278 Shady tree picnic spot, Voidomatis River, Zagoria  P1040945.JPG

1279 Orlaya and Fennel, Wildflowers, Zagoria P1050252.JPG

1280 Switchback Road - Aristi to Papingo, Zagoria P1040949.JPG

1281 Switchback Road - Aristi to Papingo, Zagoria P1050571.JPG

1282 Stone houses - Papingo, Zagoria P1050609.JPG

1283 Stone Houses - Papingo, Zagoria P1050610.JPG

1284 Stonework - Papingo, Zagoria P1050620.JPG

1285 Working on the slate roof - Papingo, Zagoria P1050623.JPG

1286 Old water tap - Papingo, Zagoria P1050628.JPG

1287 Eleni Gage's Rebuilt House, Lia, Epiros P1050647.JPG

1288 Helen outside Eleni Gage's House, Lia, Epiros P1050639.JPG

1289 Old deserted house, near Lia, Epiros P1050650.JPG

1290 Hillside towns - Greek side of border with Albania P1050649.JPG

1291 Lysimachia serpyllifolia - Wildflower, Zagoria P1060072.JPG

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