Poros and Spetses
The Saronic Islands of Poros and Spetses are not as well-known as Hydra, but attractive in their own way.
 The main waterfront of Poros is dominated by tavernas and shops but the attractive town stacks up behind it,
 culminating in a rocky headland. Spetses is more off the beaten track, its waterfront serviced by a fleet
 of water taxis and horse-and-carriage transport. It is taverna-heaven, many of which display
 beautifully hand-painted signs. There are churches and walls and doors...

3000 Entrance to Poros DSC07553.JPG

3001 Poros DSC07562.JPG

3002 Poros DSC07558.JPG

3003 Poros DSC07560.JPG

3004 Clock tower of cathedral on headland, Poros DSC07565.JPG

3005 Waterfront tavernas, Poros DSC07566.JPG

3006 Paralia, Poros DSC07527.JPG

3007 Paralia, Poros DSC07528.JPG

3008 Paralia, Poros DSC07531.JPG

3009 Taverna, Poros DSC07530.JPG

3010 Tavernas, Poros DSC07533.JPG

3011 Main Street, Poros DSC07535.JPG

3012 Around the paralia, Poros DSC07539.JPG

3013 Old house on cliff, Poros DSC07538.JPG

3014 Taverna sign on washing day, Poros DSC07532.JPG

3015 Quay, Spetses DSC07447.JPG

3016 Taxi rank, Spetses DSC07482.JPG

3017 Carriages, Spetses DSC07479.JPG

3018 Marina, Spetses DSC07455.JPG

3019 Fishing boat, Spetses DSC07454.JPG

3020 Mansion, Spetses DSC07451.JPG

3021 Overlooking the harbour, Spetses DSC07456.JPG

3022 Central square, Spetses DSC07465.JPG

3023 Restaurant, Central square, Spetses DSC07468.JPG

3024 Fish taverna, Spetses DSC07466.JPG

3025 Taverna wall mural, Spetses DSC07476.JPG

3026 Street, Spetses DSC07472.JPG

3027 Cafe, Spetses DSC07473.JPG

3028 Church wall, Spetses DSC07452.JPG

3029 Church and bell tower, Spetses DSC07458.JPG

3030 Old house, Spetses DSC07462.JPG

3031 Old doorway, Spetses DSC07464.JPG

3032 Decorated gateway, Spetses DSC07463.JPG

3033 Bougainvillea doorway, Spetses DSC07461.JPG

3034 Number One, Spetses DSC07474.JPG

3035 Restaurant sign, Spetses DSC07467.JPG

3036 Antique shop sign, Spetses DSC07483.JPG

3037 Restaurant sign, Spetses DSC07469.JPG

3038 Pizza restaurant sign, Spetses DSC07478.JPG

3039 Restaurant mural, Spetses DSC07484.JPG

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