Sifnos 2 - Apollonia
The central town of Apollonia is the 'capital' of the Island of Sifnos. It's a fascinating place, connected to
its neighbouring villages - Katavati, Ardemonas, Ano Petali, and Kato Petali, by flagstone alleyways and
stone steps in the Cycladic tradition. Village life goes on around the tourists here. Sifnos is renowned for its cuisine,
so the many restaurants serve excellent traditional food. There are many hiking opportunities through the centre of
 the island where vineyards and long-established farms still flourish. My usual resting place is the little family-run
Hotel Sifnos, where the service is always memorable.

2600 Sign on the road to Apollonia, Sifnos P1070180.JPG

2601 Ancient stone archway on hillside, Sifnos P1070978.JPG

2602 Early dovecot, road to Apollonia, Sifnos  P1070961.JPG

2603 Agioi Anargyroi Pigis, near Apollonia, Sifnos P1070974.JPG

2604 Outskirts of Apollonia, Sifnos P1070126 (2).JPG

2605 Apollonia and Katavati, Sifnos  P1040133.JPG

2606 Apollonia, Sifnos P1070668.JPG

2607 Apollonia, Sifnos P1060936.JPG

2608 Main Street, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070654.JPG

2609 Shops, Main Street, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070515.JPG

2610 Shops, Main Street, Apollonia, Sifnos P1080098.JPG

2611 Bar, Main Street, Apollonia, Sifnos P1080101.JPG

2612 Restaurant, Main Street, Apollonia, Sifnos P1080105.JPG

2613 Nightclub and shops, Apollonia, Sifnos P1080106 (2).JPG

2614 Restaurant and Nightclub, Apollonia, Sifnos P1080112 (2).JPG

2615 Apollonia, Sifnos P1040422.JPG

2616 Delivery, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070294.JPG

2617 Transport, Apollonia, Sifnos P1060952.JPG

2618 Refreshment, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070647.JPG

2619 Meeting, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070696.JPG

2620 Hotel Sifnos, Apollonia, Sifnos P1060927.JPG

2621 Hotel Sifnos Restaurant, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070883 (2).JPG

2622 Breakfast, Hotel Sifnos, Apollonia, Sifnos P1040173.JPG

2623 View from Hotel Sifnos, Apollonia, Sifnos P1040086.JPG

2624 The Valley, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070650.JPG

2625 The Valley, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070651.JPG

2626 The Valley, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070652.JPG

2627 Apollonia, Sifnos P1040088.JPG

2628 Apollonia, Sifnos P1070128.JPG

2629 Gardens, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070282.JPG

2630 Main road to Kamares, Apollonia, Sifnos P1040089.JPG

2631 The dovecot and garden, Apollonia, Sifnos P1040092.JPG

2632 Common poppy, wildflower, Apollonia, Sifnos P1040181.JPG

2633 Poppies and daisies, Apollonia, Sifnos P1040410.JPG

2634 Pathway, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070289.JPG

2635 House, Main Street, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070272.JPG

2636 Lanterns, Main Street, Apollonia, Sifnos P1040110.JPG

2637 Steps to nowhere, Apollonia, Sifnos  P1040109.JPG

2638 Ancient church, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070694.JPG

2639 Spiral staircase, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070120.JPG

2640 Decorative chimney pot, Apollonia, Sifnos  P1070373.JPG

2641 Decorative chimney pot, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070317.JPG

2642 Detail of chimney pot, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070421.JPG

2643 TV filming, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070466.JPG

2644 TV filming, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070476.JPG

2645 TV filming, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070481.JPG

2646 Musicians leading a wedding party, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070497.JPG

2647 Musicians leading a wedding party, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070491.JPG

2648 Village meeting, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070503.JPG

2649 Village meeting, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070947.JPG

2650 Inside the Zaharoplasteio (patisserie), Apollonia, Sifnos P1070116.JPG

2651 Wedding cake, Zaharoplasteio, Apollonia, Sifnos   P1070348.JPG

2652 Mouse cake, Apollonia, Sifnos P1040159.JPG

2653 Homemade produce, Apollonia, Sifnos P1040168.JPG

2654 Shop, Main Street, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070693.JPG

2655 Bar, Apollonia, Sifnos DSC07808.JPG

2656 Restaurant, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070372.JPG

2657 Restaurant, dusk, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070258.JPG

2658 Hotel Sifnos restaurant, dusk, Apollonia, Sifnos P1080121.JPG

2659 Shops, dusk, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070248.JPG

2660 Sidestreet, dusk, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070247.JPG

2661 Steps, dusk, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070250.JPG

2662 Steps to Katavati, Sifnos P1070519.JPG

2663 Looking towards Katavati from Apollonia, Sifnos P1070663.JPG

2664 Steps to Katavati, Sifnos P1040140.JPG

2665 Steps to Katavati, Sifnos P1070366.JPG

2666 Katavati, Sifnos P1040461.JPG

2667 Fields near Katavati, Sifnos P1040434.JPG

2668 Threshing circle, near Katavati, Sifnos P1070928.JPG

2669 Threshing circle, near Katavati, Sifnos P1040438.JPG

2670 Signpost to Profitias Ilias (a huge hike), Sifnos P1070908.JPG

2671 Pathway to Profitias Ilias, Sifnos P1040451.JPG

2672 Pathway to Profitias Ilias, Sifnos P1070918.JPG

2673 Monastery of Profitias Ilias, Sifnos P1070148.JPG

2674 Dracunculus vulgaris, wildflower, Sifnos P1040441.JPG

2675 Dracunculus vulgaris seed pods, wildflower Sifnos P1070941.JPG

2676 Looking towards Ano Petali, Sifnos P1040098.JPG

2677 Ardemonas from Katavati, Sifnos DSC08069.JPG

2678 Ano Petali and Ardemonas, Sifnos P1080095.JPG

2679 Ano Petali, Sifnos P1040186.JPG

2680 Ano Petali P1040185.JPG

2681 Ano Petali, Sifnos P1080092.JPG

2682 Steps, Ano Petali, Sifnos DSC07770.JPG

2683 Street, Ano Petali, Sifnos DSC07783.JPG

2684 Pathway to Ardemonas, Sifnos P1040135.JPG

2685 Street, Ardemonas, Sifnos P1040132.JPG

2686 Ardemonas, Sifnos P1070291.JPG

2687 Ardemonas, Sifnos P1080091.JPG

2688 Cathedral, Ardemonas, Sifnos P1070669.JPG

2689 Church, Ardemonas, Sifnos P1080036.JPG

2690 Very old church, Ardemonas, Sifnos P1070659.JPG

2691 Steps, Ardemonas, Sifnos P1080043.JPG

2692 Houses, Ardemonas, Sifnos P1080039.JPG

2693 Houses, Ardemonas, Sifnos P1080038.JPG

2694 Taverna, Ardemonas, Sifnos P1080037.JPG

2695 Kato Petali, Sifnos P1070520.JPG

2696 Fields, Sifnos P1040144.JPG

2697 Origano, wildflower, Sifnos P1040542.JPG

2698 Local inhabitant, Sifnos P1070124.JPG

2699 Sunset, Apollonia, Sifnos P1060967.JPG

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