The drive by bus from Sparta to the city of Kalamata takes you through the amazing Langada Pass of the
  Taygetos Mountains - one of the best bus rides in Greece. Another ride takes you to the pretty little town of Pylos,
situated on the Bay of Navarino, west coast of the Peloponnese, scene of the naval Battle of Navarino in 1827.
Here, it's another short trip to the site of the Minoan palace of King Nestor, one of the protagonists at Troy.

2100 Sparta- Kalamata Road through the Langada Pass P1040412.JPG

2101 Sparta- Kalamata Road through the Langada Pass P1040419.JPG

2102 Sparta- Kalamata Road through the Langada Pass P1040420.JPG

2103 Sparta- Kalamata Road through the Langada Pass P1040421.JPG

2104 Goats, Sparta- Kalamata Road through the Langada Pass P1040422.JPG

2105 Sparta- Kalamata Road through the Langada Pass P1040425.JPG

2106 Langada Pass, Taygetos Mts P1040431.JPG

2107 Switchback road, Langada Pass, Taygetos Mts P1040433.JPG

2108 Kalamata Bus Station (and castle) P1040436.JPG

2109 Pylos P1040482.JPG

2110 Pylos on Bay of NavarinoP1040483.JPG

2111 Pylos P1040484.JPG

2112 Pylos on Bay of Navarino P1040474.JPG

2113 Bay of Navarino, from Pylos P1040475.JPG

2114 Outside wall of Neo Kastro, Pylos P1040480.JPG

2115 Tower, Neo Kastro, Pylos P1040479.JPG

2116 Flower market, Pylos P1040446.JPG

2117 Flower market, Pylos P1040448.JPG

2118 Flower market, Pylos P1040451.JPG

2119 Action at the bus station, Pylos P1040452.JPG

2120 Old boat, Pylos P1040486.JPG

2121 Old Boat, Pylos P1040437.JPG

2122 Old Boat, Pylos P1040438.JPG

2123 Restoration, Pylos P1040442.JPG

2123 The Marina, Pylos P1040443.JPG

2124 The Marina, Pylos P1040444.JPG

2125 Fishing boat, the Marina, Pylos P1040445.JPG

2126 Site of Ancient Tomb, King Nestor's Palace P1040453.JPG

2127 Throne room, King Nestor's Mycenaen Palace P1040465.JPG

2128 Circular hearth, Throne room, King Nestor's Palace P1040456.JPG

2129 Stand for the actual throne, King Nestor's Palace P1040457.JPG

2130 Another hearth, King Nestor's Palace P1040464.JPG

2131 Steps, King Nestor's Palace P1040459.JPG

2132 Bathroom, King Nestor's Palace P1040460.JPG

2133 Original Bath, King Nestor's Palace P1040461.JPG

2134 Room, King Nestor's Palace P1040466.JPG

2135 Original wall, King Nestor's Palace P1040462.JPG

2136 Another room, King Nestor's Palace P1040467.JPG

2137 Ancient walls, King Nestor's Palace P1040469.JPG

2138 Building blocks, King Nestor's Palace P1040463.JPG

2139 View to Bay of Navarino from King Nestor's Palace P1040468.JPG

2140 Verbascum macrurum, wildflower, Pylos P1040441.JPG

2141 Pallenis spinosa, wildflower, Pylos P1040476.JPG

2142 Legousia pentagonia, wildflower, Pylos P1040473.JPG

2143 Sunset on the Bay of Navarino, Pylos P1040491.JPG

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