Paxi is a little gem. The next Ionian Island down from Corfu, it attracts day-trippers and yachties who love
 its tiny main town of Gaios. It's another Venetian remnant with pretty, colourful old buildings. The protected
waterfront is a mass of boats of every description, and the main square, with tavernas surrounding its pink church,
 is particularly attractive. My photographs include street scenes, some odd little shops and faded facades of the
 old buildings. Pix no 1060 is an interesting remnant of World War Two - an aero engine now propping up a
 fig tree! The last pictures are of the pristine blue waters of Antipaxi, the tiny next-door island
with the amazing
Blue Cave.

1000 Lighthouse, Paxi Island P1050385.JPG

1001 Houses, Paxi P1050387.JPG

1002 First glimpse of Gaios, Paxi P1050388.JPG

1003 Rounding Agios Nikolaos Islet, Paxi P1050414.JPG

1004 Gaios, Paxi P1050426.JPG

1005 Waterfront, Gaios, Paxi P1050487.JPG

1006 Waterfront, Gaios, Paxi P1050391.JPG

1007 Waterfront, Gaios, Paxi P1050422 .JPG

1008 Waterfront Gaios, Paxi P1050423 (2).JPG

1009 Waterfront, Gaios, Paxi P1050462.JPG

1010 Building renovation, Gaios, Paxi P1050395.JPG

1011 Derelict Venetian House, Gaios, Paxi P1050468.JPG

1012 Marina, Gaios, Paxi P1050463.JPG

1013 Waterfront, Gaios, Paxi P1050428.JPG

1014 Central Square, Gaios, Paxi P1050436 (2).JPG

1015 Central Square, Gaios, Paxi P1050433 (2).JPG

1016 Central Square, Gaios, Paxi P1050434 (2).JPG

1017 Central Paralia (Waterfront), Gaios, Paxi P1050446.JPG

1018 Pink Church, Central Square, Gaios, Paxi P1050439.JPG

1019 Central Square, Gaios, Paxi P1050452.JPG

1020 Central Square, Gaios, Paxi P1050393.JPG

1021 Pink Church, Gaios, Paxi P1050469 (2).JPG

1022 Pink, Gaios, Paxi P1050440.JPG

1023 More Pink, Gaios, Paxi P1050443.JPG

1024 Bell Tower, Gaios, Paxi P1050485.JPG

1025 Taverna, Central Square, Gaios, Paxi P1050454.JPG

1026 Taverna on the Paralia, Gaios, Paxi P1050427.JPG

1027 Old Wall Mural, Taverna, Gaios P1050467.JPG

1028 Sign, Gaios, Paxi P1050474.JPG

1029 Bakery and cafes, Gaios, Paxi P1050470.JPG

1030 Taverna and shops, Gaios, Paxi P1050448.JPG

1031 Interesting shop, Gaios, Paxi P1050433.JPG

1032 Shopping Heaven, Gaios, Paxi P1050434.JPG

1033 Street. Gaios, Paxi P1050431.JPG

1034 Interesting shops, Gaios, Paxi P1050468 (2).JPG

1035 Taverna, Gaios, Paxi P1050486.JPG

1036 Courtyard garden, Gaios, Paxi P1050444.JPG

1037 Olive soaps, Gaios, Paxi P1050430.JPG

1038 Old Pink Building! Paxi P1050401.JPG

1039 Flaking pink paint, Paxi P1050425.JPG

1040 Marina, Gaios, Paxi P1050457.JPG

1041 Paralia and boats, Paxi P1050403.JPG

1042 Boats, Paxi P1050404.JPG

1043 Fishing boat, Paxi P1050402.JPG

1044 Breakwater and Gaios, Paxi P1050463.JPG

1044 Breakwater and Gaios, Paxi P1050463.JPG

1046 Old boat yard, Paxi P1050464.JPG

1047 The beach, Paxi P1050410.JPG

1048 The beach, Paxi P1050462 (2).JPG

1049 Beach, Paxi P1050411.JPG

1050 Pathway to rocks, Paxi P1050460.JPG

1051 Pathway to rocks, Paxi P1050423.JPG

1052 'Wild Carrot' Wildflowers P1050419.JPG

1053 Across the Bay, Paxi P1050422.JPG

1054 Out to the Ionian Sea, Paxi  P1050455 (2).JPG

1055 Starfish under the water, Paxi (it's pink!) P1050408.JPG

1056 Pink Bourgainvillea, Paxi P1050400.JPG

1057 Old house and taverna, Paxi P1050459.JPG

1058 Derelict Venetian building, Gaios, Paxi P1050447.JPG

1059 Detail of 1058, Paxi P1050475.JPG

1060 WW11 aircraft engine, pulled from the sea, Paxi P1050482.JPG

1061 Leaving Gaios and Paxi P1050465.JPG

1062 Boats along the inlet, Paxi P1050471.JPG

1063 Boats along the inlet, Paxi P1050491.JPG

1064 Looking down the inlet, Paxi P1050447 (2).JPG

1065 Past Agios Nikolaos, Paxi P1050492.JPG

1066 More boats, Paxi P1050496.JPG

1067 Last part of the inlet, Paxi P1050495.JPG

1068 Entrance to the inlet and Hydrofoil dock, Paxi P1050494.JPG

1069 Vrika Beach, Antipaxi Island P1050397.JPG

1070 Rocks and grottos, Vrika beach, Antipaxi P1050352.JPG

1071 Rock platform, Vrika beach, Antipaxi P1050364.JPG

1072 Detail of 1071, Antipaxi P1050365.JPG

1073 Grotto, Vrika Beach, Antipaxi P1050369.JPG

1074 Grotto, Vrika Beach, Antipaxi P1050362.JPG

1075 Vrika beach, Antipaxi P1050359.JPG

1076 Vrika Beach, Antipaxi P1050390.JPG

1077 Grotto, Vrika beach, Antipaxi P1050347.JPG

1078 Nosing into a grotto, Western Paxi P1050335.JPG

1079 Into the Grotto, Western Paxi P1050345.JPG

1080 Another small grotto, Western Paxi P1050353.JPG

1081 Turquoise water, Paxi P1050384.JPG

1082 Turquoise water, Paxi P1050388 (2).JPG

1083 Subtle water colour change, Paxi P1050366.JPG

1084 Ionian Sea, near Paxi P1050377 (2).JPG

1085 More Grottos, Paxi P1050375.JPG

1086 Cornflower blue water, Paxi P1050378.JPG

1087 Cornflower blue water and grotto, Paxi P1050377.JPG

1088 Cornflower blue water and grotto, Paxi P1050383.JPG

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