The Cyclades Island of Paros is another ferry hub of this region. At the back of the vibrant port of Paroikia,
notable for the solitary windmill on the quay, is the picturesque old town and the Frankish Kastro, with flagstone
 alleyways, interesting shops, tavernas etc. The seaside town of Naoussa is a popular resort, with a busy boat
 marina near the old fortress, and its own pretty 'old town'.

2400 Unloading Ferries, the Quay, Paroikia, Paros P1060314.JPG

2401The Windmill, Paroikia waterfront, Paros P1060396.JPG

2402 The Windmill, Paroikia waterfront, Paros P1060397.JPG

2403 Entry to the old town, Paroikia, Paros P1060355.JPG

2404 Wall of the Frankish Kastro, Paroikia, Paros P1060361.JPG

2405 Wall of the Frankish Kastro, Paroikia, Paros P1060367.JPG

2406 Old Town, Paroikia, Paros P1060359.JPG

2407 Old Town, Paroikia, Paros P1060360.JPG

2408 Old Town, Paroikia, Paros P1060364.JPG

2409 Old Town, Paroikia, Paros P1060366.JPG

2410 Old Town, Paroikia, Paros P1060368.JPG

2411 Old Town, Paroikia, Paros P1060370.JPG

2412 Old Town, Paroikia, Paros P1060391.JPG

2413 Ancient well, Old Town, Paroikia, Paros P1060376.JPG

2414 Ancient marble tablet dated 1800, Old Town, Paroikia, Paros P1060333.JPG

2415 Old Town, Paroikia, Paros P1060377.JPG

2416 Old windmill and Marina, Paroikia, Paros P1060378.JPG

2417 Old windmill, Paroikia, Paros P1060381.JPG

2418 Old windmill, Paroikia, Paros P1060384.JPG

2419 Marina, looking towards Paroikia, Paros P1060383.JPG

2420 Bell tower, Paroikia, Paros P1060390.JPG

2421 Bell tower, Paroikia, Paros P1060395.JPG

2422 Bell tower, Paroikia, Paros P1060375.JPG

2423 Shopping street, Paroikia, Paros P1060402.JPG

2424 Antique shop, Paroikia, Paros P1060404.JPG

2425 Interior of Antique shop, Paroikia, Paros P1060408.JPG

2426 Souvenir shop, Paroikia, Paros P1060357.JPG

2427 Shopping, Paroikia, Paros P1060406.JPG

2428 Red lentil soup, Paroikia, Paros P1060409.JPG

2429 Naousa waterfront, Paros P1060353.JPG

2430 Octopus, Fish Restaurant, Naousa, Paros P1060321.JPG

2431 Fish Restaurant, Naousa, Paros P1060330.JPG

2432 Restaurant, Naousa, Paros P1060317.JPG

2433 Marina Restaurant, Naousa, Paros P1060320.JPG

2434 Marina, Naousa, Paros P1060316.JPG

2435 Fishing boat, Naousa, Paros P1060319.JPG

2436 Marina, Naousa, Paros P1060350.JPG

2437 Marina, Naousa, Paros P1060326.JPG

2438 Fisherman's church, Naousa, Paros P1060328.JPG

2439 Old fortress, Naousa, Paros P1060325.JPG

2440 Old fortress, Naousa, Paros P1060347.JPG

2441 Fishing boat, Naousa, Paros P1060344.JPG

2442 Fishing boats, Naousa, Paros P1060346.JPG

2443 Duck, Naousa, Paros P1060352.JPG

2444 Old Town, Naousa, Paros P1060331.JPG

2445 Old Town, Naousa, Paros P1060334.JPG

2446 Old Town, Naousa, Paros P1060336.JPG

2447 Restaurant, Naousa, Paros P1060337.JPG

2448 Shop, Naousa, Paros P1060339.JPG

2449 Old Town, Naousa, Paros P1060340.JPG

2450 Old Town, Naousa, Paros P1060341.JPG

2451 Quay at dusk, Paroikia, Paros DSC07590.JPG

2452 Quay at dusk, Paroikia, Paros DSC07586.JPG

2453 Quay at dusk, Paroikia, Paros DSC07587.JPG

2454 Leaving Paros P1060313.JPG

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