The region of Epiros, situated in the northwest of Greece, is more densely forested than other parts, and
consequently particularly beautiful. My travels centred at the seaside town of Parga which is now thought of as the Greek
, and rightly so. Itís a lovely place, spilling down the hillside to secluded coves, sandy beaches and rocky islets.
There is everything here for the tourist - a vibrant waterfront with a huge old anchor feature, great shops, excellent tavernas,
 day trips to neighbouring attractions, friendly locals, fantastic scenery. A ruined Venetian castle broods over the town. There
 are three excellent beaches - the town Krioneri Beach,
the little hidden Golfo Beach, and the long stretch of Valtos
, one kilometre away, a playground for water sports.
A fun tourist train takes visitors to the ruined Castle
  of Ali Pasha, remnant of Turkish rule,
high above Parga in the nearby hills.

900 Parga Town P1050604.JPG

901 Parga Town from the Castle P1040722.JPG

902 Parga Waterfront P1040650.JPG

903 Parga Jetty and Waterfront P1040726.JPG

904 Venetian Town of Parga P1050101.JPG

905 Parga from the Water P1050091.JPG

906 Parga Town P1050615.JPG

907 Restored Houses, Parga P1050094.JPG

908 Parga, looking towards the Castle P1040611.JPG

909 Hillside, Parga P1040614.JPG

910 Krioneri Beach, Parga P1040659.JPG

911 Rooftops, Parga P1040723.JPG

912 Central Parga P1040978.JPG

913 Waterfront and Main Square, Parga P1040736.JPG

914 Main Square, Parga P1040728.JPG

915 Paralia, and huge anchor, Parga 00000142.JPG

916 Huge Anchor, Parga P1050600.JPG

917 Huge Anchor, Parga P1040639 (2).JPG

918  Waterfront Houses, Parga DSC07160 (2).JPG

919 Restored Venetian Houses, Parga P1050582.JPG

920 Washing Day, Parga P1050272.JPG

921 Street to Kastro, Parga 00000169.JPG

922  Street to castle, Parga DSC07160.JPG

923 Bougainvillea, Parga P1040741.JPG

924 View of Kastro and TownP1040610.JPG

925 The Castle (Kastro) P1040613.JPG

926 Kastro and Town P1040645.JPG

927 The Kastro P1050102.JPG

928 The Kastro P1040970.JPG

929 The Kastro P1040973.JPG

930 Gateway to Kastro, Parga 00000172.JPG

931 Spikes on the Gate to Kastro P1050576.JPG

932 Castle Ruins P1040669.JPG

933 Castle Ruins P1040671.JPG

934 Parga Town from Kastro Battlements P1040706.JPG

935 Kastro environs, Parga 00000181.JPG

936 Old Cannon, Kastro P1040661.JPG

937 Another cannon P1050569.JPG

938 Canon facing the Town P1040651.JPG

939 The Castle pathway, and cannon P1040701.JPG

940 Steps to top of Castle P1040684.JPG

941 Castle buildings P1050300.JPG

942 Kastro buildings, Parga P1040708.JPG

943 Kastro buildings, Parga P1040713.JPG

944 View of Parga from Kastro P1050288.JPG

945 Parga from Kastro P1040685.JPG

946 Island of Panagia and Church P1040675.JPG

947 Island of Panagia, from Kastro  P1050288 (2).JPG

948 Panagia Church P1040689.JPG

949 Panagia Church and rocky islets P1040686.JPG

950 Wedding guests awaiting boats for Panagia Island P1050044.JPG

951 Richard helps a Bride into the boat P1050053.JPG

952 Wedding boat approaches Panagia P1050269.JPG

953 Wedding begins on PanagiaP1050066.JPG

954 Krioneri Beach, Parga P1040617.JPG

955 Krioneri Beach, Parga P1040957.JPG

956 Krioneri Beach, Parga P1040975.JPG

957 Krioneri Beach, Parga P1040632.JPG

958 Awaiting your pleasure, Krioneri Beach .JPG

959 Krioneri Beach and Bay, Parga P1050509.JPG

960 Cooking corn and popcorn, Paralia, Parga P1060147.JPG

961 Priest and friend, Paralia, Parga P1040748.JPG

962 Gemini Restaurant, Parga P1060152.JPG

963 Marina, Parga P1050275.JPG

964 Panagia Islet from Krioneri Beach P1040995.JPG

965 Calm Waters, Krioneri Beach, Parga P1040986.JPG

966 Piso Krioneri Beach, Parga P1040625.JPG

967 Rocky Islets, Piso Krioneri P1040633.JPG

968 View of Coastline from above Piso Krioneri P1050623 (2).JPG

969 Piso Krioneri Beach, Parga P1040989.JPG

970 Parga from Piso Krioneri Beach   P1050612.JPG

971 Parga from Piso Krioneri Beach P1050606.JPG

972 Golfo Beach, Parga P1050627.JPG

973 Golfo Beach, Parga P1050620.JPG

974 Golfo beach, Parga 00000161.JPG

975 Outskirts of Parga from Kastro P1050293.JPG

976 Hillside Houses above Valtos Beach P1040719.JPG

977 Valtos Beach and Hillside Village of Anthousa P1040714.JPG

978 Valtos Beach and environs P1050546.JPG

979 Valtos Beach, Parga P1050527.JPG

980 Valtos Beach, Parga P1050529.JPG

981 Valtos Beach, Parga P1050540.JPG

982 Valtos Beach, Parga P1040715.JPG

983 Day Cruise Boat, Parga P1050281.JPG

984 Day Cruise Boats, Parga P1050284.JPG

985 Parga, Late Afternoon P1050901.JPG

986 Waterfront, Parga, Late Afternoon P1050904.JPG

987 Paralia, Parga, Late Afternoon P1050905.JPG

988 Paralia, Parga, Dusk P1050906.JPG

989 Parga, Dusk P1050915.JPG

990 Night lights, Parga P1050919.JPG

991 Night, Parga P1050922.JPG

992 Tourist Train for Ali Pasha's Castle P1050663.JPG

993 Ali Pasha's Castle, near Parga P1050659.JPG

994 Entrance to Ali Pasha's Castle P1050641.JPG

995 Inside Ali Pasha's Castle P1050656.JPG

996 Inside Ali Pasha's castle 00000295.JPG

997 Ali Pasha's castle 00000296.JPG

998 Ali Pasha's Castle P1050326.JPG

999 Ali Pasha's Castle, looking towards Parga P1050648.JPG

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