Naxos Hill Towns
The Cyclades Island of Naxos is not just a pretty waterfront town. In the interior of the island is the
magnificent Tragaea Region, overshadowed by Mt. Zeus. These photographs show the beauty of the
unspoilt hill villages, Filoti, Halki and Apiranthos, and their Venetian influences. Old houses draped with
 bougainvillea, ruined windmills, stone pyrgos (or tower houses), and shady tavernas and squares where
the locals gather are intriguing. The Cultural Museum of Apiranthos is an interesting display of folk history.
The Tragaea Region is well-known for its wildflowers, some of which I have shown here. I love this area.

2300 The Tragaea region of Naxos P1060197.JPG

2301 Filoti, Naxos P1030559.JPG

2302 Filoti, Naxos P1030550.JPG

2302 Filoti, Naxos P1030550.JPG

2304 Morning, Main Street of Filoti, Naxos P1030531.JPG

2305 The Plane Trees, Filoti, Naxos P1060202.JPG

2306 Taverna, Filoti, Naxos P1030536.JPG

2307 Taverna, Filoti, Naxos P1060214.JPG

2308 Taverna, Filoti, Naxos P1060207.JPG

2309 Sunday, Filoti, Naxos P1060208.JPG

2310 Sunday, Filoti, Naxos P1060212.JPG

2311 Playing draughts, Sunday, Filoti, Naxos P1060205.JPG

2312 Playing draughts, Sunday, Filoti, Naxos P1060211.JPG

2313 Street, Filoti, Naxos P1030537.JPG

2314 Steps, Filoti, Naxos P1060215.JPG

2315 Gossip, Filoti, Naxos P1060200.JPG

2316 Stone walls, Filoti, Naxos P1060201.JPG

2317 The smallest church in Greece, Filoti, Naxos P1030529.JPG

2318 Mount Zeus, Naxos P1030524.JPG

2319 Mount Zeus, Naxos P1030515.JPG

2320 Church of Agia Irini, near Filoti, Naxos P1030518.JPG

2321 Agia Irini and Mt. Zeus, Naxos P1060184.JPG

2322 Old windmill, near Filoti, Naxos P1030545.JPG

2323 The Square, Halki, Naxos P1060253.JPG

2324 The Pink House, Halki, Naxos P1060254.JPG

2325 Street Halki, Naxos P1030596.JPG

2326 Street, Halki, Naxos P1060276.JPG

2327 Street, Halki, Naxos P1030597.JPG

2328 Street, Halki, Naxos P1060274.JPG

2329 Street, Halki, Naxos P1030601.JPG

2330 Citron Cafe, Halki, Naxos P1060250.JPG

2331 Taverna sign, Halki, Naxos P1060261.JPG

2332 Facade old building, Halki, Naxos P1060251.JPG

2333 Street, Halki, Naxos P1060278.JPG

2334 Outside shop, Halki, Naxos P1060268.JPG

2335 Time for needlework, Halki, Naxos P1060271.JPG

2336 At the loom, Halki, Naxos P1060272.JPG

2337 Owl in old chimney, Halki, Naxos P1060280.JPG

2338 Grazia Pyrgos, (early Tower House), Halki, Naxos P1030588.JPG

2339 Wall of the Pyrgos, Halki, Naxos P1060246.JPG

2340 Main gate of the Pyrgos, Halki, Naxos P1060283.JPG

2341 Wall and facade of the Pyrgos, Halki, Naxos P1060284.JPG

2342 Wall of the Pyrgos, Halki, Naxos P1060286.JPG

2343 Street Light, Halki, Naxos P1030600.JPG

2344 Bell Tower, Halki, Naxos P1060289.JPG

2345 Looking towards Apiranthos, Naxos P1030422.JPG

2346 Apiranthos, Naxos P1030412.JPG

2347 Apiranthos, Naxos P1060468.JPG

2348 Apiranthos, Naxos P1060470.JPG

2349 Apiranthos, Naxos P1060469.JPG

2350 View of Castle, Apiranthos, Naxos P1030419.JPG

2351 Church under the Castle, Apiranthos, Naxos  P1060457.JPG

2352 Under the Castle, Apiranthos, Naxos P1030392.JPG

2353 Castle, Apiranthos, Naxos P1060453.JPG

2354 Castle Wall, Apiranthos, Naxos P1060419.JPG

2355 Steps to the Castle, Apiranthos, Naxos P1030373.JPG

2356 Castle, Apiranthos, Naxos P1060444.JPG

2357 Street, Apiranthos, Naxos P1030343.JPG

2358 Street, Apiranthos, Naxos P1030345.JPG

2359 Street, Apiranthos, Naxos P1030347.JPG

2360 Street, Apiranthos, Naxos P1060434.JPG

2361 Street, Apiranthos, Naxos P1060443.JPG

2362 Street, Apiranthos, Naxos P1060459.JPG

2363 Street, Apiranthos, Naxos P1030402.JPG

2364 Street, Apiranthos, Naxos P1060462.JPG

2365 Square, Apiranthos, Naxos P1060425.JPG

2366 Arts and Crafts Shop, Apiranthos, Naxos P1060412.JPG

2367  Arts and Crafts Shop, Apiranthos, Naxos P1030331.JPG

2368 Arts and Crafts shop, Apiranthos, Naxos P1030393.JPG

2369 Inside shop, Apiranthos, Naxos P1030396.JPG

2370 Wine and preserves from Apiranthos, Naxos P1030339.JPG

2371 Taverna, Apiranthos, Naxos P1030328.JPG

2372 Taverna, Apiranthos, Naxos P1030330.JPG

2373 Taverna, Apiranthos, Naxos P1060411.JPG

2374 Lunchtime companion, Apiranthos, Naxos P1030380.JPG

2375 Nextdoor to the Taverna, Apiranthos, Naxos P1030397.JPG

2376 Coffee time, Apiranthos, NaxosP1060460.JPG

2377 Inside the Cultural Museum, Apiranthos, Naxos  P1030363.JPG

2378 Detail, Cultural Museum, Apiranthos, Naxos P1030353.JPG

2379 Costumes, Cultural Museum, Apiranthos, Naxos P1030356.JPG

2380 Old loom, Cultural Museum, Apiranthos, Naxos P1030362.JPG

2381 Cultural Museum, Apiranthos, Naxos P1060426.JPG

2382 Cultural Museum, Apiranthos, Naxos P1060427.JPG

2383 Cultural Museum, Apiranthos, Naxos P1060429.JPG

2384 Onions at the door, Apiranthos, Naxos P1030367.JPG

2385 Balcony, Apiranthos, Naxos P1030379.JPG

2386 Old building, Apiranthos, Naxos P1030364.JPG

2387 Old building, Apiranthos, Naxos P1030378.JPG

2388 Windmill ruin, Apiranthos, Naxos P1030431.JPG

2389 Windmill, near Apiranthos, Naxos P1030432.JPG

2390 Common mallow, wildflower, Tragaea, Naxos P1030540.JPG

2391 Hypericum, wildflower, Tragaea, Naxos P1030551.JPG

2392 Crown daisies, wildflowers, Tragaea, Naxos P1030580.JPG

2393 Onopordum tauricum, wildflower, Tragaea, Naxos P1060195.JPG

2394 Common poppy, wildflower, Tragaea, Naxos P1030586.JPG

2395 Origanum onites, wildflower, Tragaea, Naxos P1060187.JPG

2396 Origanum onites and giant fennel, wildflowers, Tragaea, Naxos  P1060239.JPG

2397 Wild leek, wildflower, Tragaea, Naxos P1060243.JPG

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