The town of Nafplio, Peloponnese, is a place the Gods smile upon. The winding narrow streets of the
old Venetian town are paved with grey flagstones, the houses jostling each other for elbow room on either side.
Imagine shuttered windows, each  with a Juliet balcony attached, in various stages of elegant decadence. There’s a
new town too with all mod cons, but the restored beauty of the old draws the tourists. Photographs on this page
 show the intriguing streets, tavernas and shops of Nafplio. Also, as there are three castles in the vicinity, I have included
 stunning pictures of the Bourtzi, a perfectly preserved castle on an island in the bay, the fascinating Palamedi Fortress
 on a hill behind the town, and the ancient Acronafplio Fortress, parts of which date back to the Bronze Age.


0200 Nafplio from Fortress DSC05537.JPG

0201 Nafplio Old Town from Fortress P1090307.JPG

0202 Nafplio Old Town and Bourtzi  from Fortress P1090322.JPG

0202 Nafplio Old Town and Bourtzi  from Fortress P1090322.JPG

0204 Nafplio from Fortress P1090289.JPG

0205 Nafplio New Town P1090342.JPG

0206 Nafplio from Acronafplio Castle P1090538.JPG

0207 Nafplio from Acronafplio Castle P1090554.JPG

0208 Rooftops of the Old Town, Nafplio P1090544.JPG

0209 Street - Nafplio DSC05466.JPG

0210 Street - Nafplio DSC05463 (2).JPG

0211 Street - Nafplio DSC05463.JPG

0212 Lunchtime - Nafplio DSC05467.JPG

0213 Street - Nafplio P1030865.JPG

0213a Street - Nafplio P1030876.JPG

0214 Old Venetian buildings, Nafplio P1090228.JPG

0215 Street Scene, Nafplio P1090225.JPG

0216 Down the steps - Nafplio street P1030738 (2).JPG

0217 Old Venetian building, Nafplio P1030744 (2).JPG

0218 Beautiful bougainvillea, Nafplio P1090230.JPG

0219 Ventian buildings, Nafplio P1090528.JPG

0220 Street of steps, Nafplio P1090531 (2).JPG

0221 Street of Steps, Nafplio P1030736 (2).JPG

0222 Street of steps, Nafplio P1090531.JPG

0223 Venetian House, Nafplio DSC05412.JPG

0224 Interior of shop, Nafplio P1090401.JPG

0225 Street scene at night, Nafplio P1030877.JPG

0226 Taverna, Nafplio P1090255.JPG

0227 Taverna, Nafplio R001-048.JPG

0228 Taverna, Nafplio R001-035.JPG

0229 Taverna, Nafplio P1090402.JPG

0230 Taverna, Nafplio P1030581.JPG

0231 Taverna, Nafplio P1030581 (2).JPG

0232 Nafplio Waterfront P1090373.JPG

0232a Nafplio Waterfront P1090388.JPG

0233 The Bourtzi Castle from Palamedi, Nafplio P1090274.JPG

0234 The Bourtzi Castle, Nafplio P1090301.JPG

0235 The Bourtzi from Marina, Nafplio P1090532 (2).JPG

0236 The Bourtzi, Nafplio DSC05458.JPG

0237 The Bourtzi, Nafplio P1030703.JPG

0238 The Bourtzi Castle, Nafplio P1030677 (2).JPG

0239 The Bourtzi Castle, Nafplio P1090358 (2).JPG

0240 Bourtzi Battlements, Nafplio DSC05443.JPG

0241 Entrance to Bourtzi, Nafplio DSC05441.JPG

0242 Exterior of the Bourtzi, Nafplio P1090382.JPG

0242a Exterior of the Bourtzi, Nafplio P1090383.JPG

0243 Exterior of the Bourtzi, Nafplio P1090379.JPG

0244 Tower, Bourtzi, Nafplio DSC05436.JPG

0245 Cannon, the Bourtzi, Nafplio P1090366.JPG

0246 Interior, the Bourtzi, Nafplio P1090360.JPG

0246a Interior, the Bourtzi, Nafplio P1090378.JPG

0247 Interior, the Bourtzi, Nafplio P1090365 (2).JPG

0248 Evening, the Bourtzi, Nafplio P1090393.JPG

0249 Sunset, the Bourtzi, Nafplio P1090246.JPG

0250 Palamedi Fortress, Nafplio P1090206.JPG

0250a Palamedi Fortress, Nafplio P1090205.JPG

0251 Palamedi Fortress, showing steps to top, Nafplio P1030726.JPG

0252 Start of the climb, Nafplio P1090346.JPG

0253 First Section of 999 Steps, Nafplio P1090334.JPG

0254 999 Steps to the Fortress top, Nafplio P1030726 (2).JPG

0255 On the way up, Nafplio P1030661 (2).JPG

0256 Pathway into Fortress, Nafplio P1030607.JPG

0257 Ancient steps, Palamedi Fortress, Nafplio P1090271.JPG

0258 Palamedi Fortress, interior, Nafplio P1030634.JPG

0259 Interior, Palamedi Fortress, Nafplio P1090283.JPG

0260 Interior, Palamedi Fortress, Nafplio P1090281.JPG

0261 Interior Palamedi Fortress, Nafplio P1090297.JPG

0261a Palamedi Fortress interior, Nafplio P1030626.JPG

0262 Storage Chamber, Palamedi, Nafplio P1090299.JPG

0263 'Window', Palamedi, Nafplio P1090287.JPG

0264 Belltower, Palamedi, Nafplio P1030638.JPG

0264a Belltower, Palamedi, Nafplio P1090302.JPG

0265 View from Palamedi Fortress, Nafplio P1030641.JPG

0266 View from Fortress, Nafplio P1030633.JPG

0267 The Argolic Gulf P1090327.JPG

0268 The Argolic Gulf P1090305.JPG

0269 The Argolic Gulf DSC05521.JPG

0270 Verbascum macrurum - Wildflowers, Nafplio P1030642.JPG

0271 Acronafplio Castle from Palamedi, Nafplio P1090316.JPG

0272 Acronafplio Castle, Nafplio P1090332.JPG

0273 Acronafplio Castle, Nafplio P1090317.JPG

0274 Tower, Acronafplio Castle, Nafplio P1090329.JPG

0275 Acronafplio Castle, Nafplio P1030674.JPG

0276 Tower and Wall, Acronafplio, Nafplio P1090257.JPG

0277 Acronafplio Wall and small Turret, Nafplio P1090263.JPG

0279 Acronafplio Castle, Nafplio P1090552 (2).JPG

0280 Entrance, Acronafplio, Nafplio P1090568.JPG

0281 Interior, Acronafplio, Nafplio P1090567 (2).JPG

0282 Ancient Tower, Acronafplio, Nafplio P1030710 (2).JPG

0283 Lower Entrance, Acronafplio, Nafplio P1090585.JPG

0284 Ancient fountain, Nafplio street P1090212.JPG

0285 Venetian Lion Carving, Acronafplio Castle, Nafplio P1030727.JPG

0286 Lion Carving, Nafplio P1090259.JPG

0287 Detail, Lion Carving, Nafplio P1090216.JPG

0288 Another Lion Carving, Nafplio P1090214.JPG

0289 Detail on Bronze Cannon, Nafplio P1090222.JPG

0290 Nafplio Beach P1090309.JPG

0291 Nafplio Beach P1090575.JPG

0292 Nafplio Beach DSC05471.JPG

0293 Learning Greek dancing, Nafplio P1030597.JPG

0294 Ceramic Artist, Nafplio P1030740.JPG

0295 Bride arriving for Wedding, Nafplio P1090561.JPG

0295a Wedding Party, Nafplio P1090560.JPG

0296 Street Light, Nafplio P1090410.JPG

0297 Floodlit Wall, Nafplio P1090415.JPG

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