Mycenae, Tiryns and Epidavros
In contrast to other archaeological sites, Mycenae and Tiryns (1300BC), in the prefecture of Argolis,
Peloponnese, are towering constructions of huge blocks of grey stone, stacked with superb precision, forming
the monumental impregnable walls that identify these Mycenaean citadels. Among my pictures are those of the
Mycenaean Lion Gate, Mycenaean Grave Circle
, King Agamemnon's Throne Room and Palace, massive
 stone walls, the Postern Gate and even a picture of the tourist buses crowding the car park! The site of the ruins of
Tiryns, near Nafplio, gives views of the orange orchards on the Plain of Argolis. Its largest building blocks are twenty
metres thick and estimated to weigh fourteen tonnes each! Pictured here are vaulted galleries and massive walls - now ruins
 situated among wild flowers. The famous theatre of Epidavros sits among the ruins of  the Sanctuary of Asclepius,
 and from the top seats you can hear a coin drop on the stage. The Sanctuary itself is situated in glorious surroundings
 - the only place I heard a nightingale sing!

0301 Lion Gate, Mycenae P1030760.JPG

0302 Lion Gate, Detail P1030763.JPG

0303 Huge stone blocks, Mycenae P1030764.JPG

0304 Grave Circle A, Mycenae P1030771.JPG

0305 Grave Circle A, Mycenae P1030766.JPG

0306 Houses, Mycenae P1030772.JPG

0307 Into the Citadel, MycenaeP1030781.JPG

0308 Agamemnon's Death Chamber, Mycenae P1030785.JPG

0309 Agamemnon's Palace, Mycenae P1030782.JPG

0310 Agamemnon's Throne Room, Mycenae  P1030783.JPG

0311 Outside Wall of the Palace, Mycenae P1030787.JPG

0312 Secret Cistern, Mycenae P1030798.JPG

0313 Doorway to the Interior, Mycenae P1030796.JPG

0314 Window to the World, Mycenae P1030800.JPG

0315 Doorway, Mycenae P1030799.JPG

0316 Postern Gate, Mycenae P1030804.JPG

0317 View to the Bus Park, Mycenae P1030767.JPG

0318 Lion Gate Exit, Mycenae P1030811.JPG

0319 Exterior Wall, Mycenae P1030819.JPG

0320 The Mycenae Site P1030848.JPG

0321 Wild Poppies on the Wall, Mycenae P1030791.JPG

0322 Lizards, Mycenae P1030779.JPG

0323 Wall Mural in Mycenae Museum P1030828.JPG

0324 Copy of Agamemnon's Death Mask, Mycenae Museum P1030833.JPG

0325 Tiryns Site P1090454.JPG

0326 Gate to Tiryns CitadelP1090433.JPG

0327 Gate-post, Tiryns Citadel P1090437.JPG

0328 Tiryns - Huge building blocks R001-015.JPG

0329 Outside Wall, Tiryns P1090436.JPG

0330 Tiryns - Vaulted gallery R001-027.JPG

0331 Tiryns - Vaulted gallery R001-029.JPG

0332 Secret Storage Chamber, Tiryns P1090445.JPG

0333 Window Slit, Tiryns P1090453.JPG

0334 Secret Storage Chamber, Tiryns P1090426.JPG

0335 Upper Citadel,Tiryns P1090450.JPG

0336 Upper Citadel, Tiryns P1090452.JPG

0337 Building Blocks, Tiryns P1090459.JPG

0338 Outpost Overlooking Orange Orchard , Tiryns P1090443.JPG

0339 Ancient Theatre, Epidavros R001-010.JPG

0340 Theatre, Epidavros R001-008.JPG

0341 Enter Stage Right, Epidavros R001-003.JPG

0342 Onstage, Epidavros R001-004.JPG

0343 From the Top, Epidavros R001-005.JPG

0344 View from Theatre, Epidavros R001-006.JPG

0345 Looking from the Top, Epidavros R001-007.JPG

0346 Looking Down, Epidavros R001-012.JPG

0347 Bring a Cushion, Epidavros R001-015.JPG

0348 Set Construction, Epidavros R001-020.JPG

0349 Birdsong Epidavros R001-024.JPG

0349 Birdsong Epidavros R001-024.JPG

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