Monemvasia, and Gefyra
From the pretty seaside town of Gefyra one looks out at the large brown rock at the end of a causeway and
 wonders where the town of Monemvasia actually is. But, rounding the edge of the rock by road, the authentic medieval
 battlement and the entrance to a castle fortress become apparent. Once through the door of the crenellated stone wall
(thirteenth century) you move right into the Middle Ages. Itís a stunning place, one of my very favourite destinations
 for R&R in all Greece. My pictures show Gefyra and its pretty marina, tavernas, a huge octopus hanging out to dry, etc.
  Then you can see the approaches to Monemvasia itself, the entrance, and the Byzantine town within. There are shops
incorporated into the old buildings and tavernas, and churches all beautifully preserved, particularly the thirteenth century
 Cathedral of Christ in Chains. The restored Malvasia Hotel is a wonderful place to stay. I have also included some
pictures of Greek dancing in national costumes, at a fascinating concert at Gefyra.

0600 Gefyra, from Monemvasia P1090694.JPG

0601Gefyra, from Monemvasia P1040111.JPG

0602 Gefyra from other side of the causeway P1090697.JPG

0603 Across the road from 602 P1090699.JPG

0604 Gefyra, from causeway P1090701 (2).JPG

0605 Gefyra P1040119.JPG

0606 Towards Gefyra Marina P1040387.JPG

0607 Gefyra Marina P1040124.JPG

0607a Gefyra Marina P1090707 (2).JPG

0607b Gefyra Marina P1040138.JPG

0608 Boats, Gefyra P1040120.JPG

0609 The Rock from Gefyra Marina P1090706 (2).JPG

0609a The Rock from Gefyra Marina P1090704 (2).JPG

0610 Octopus for dinner, Gefyra DSC05887.JPG

0610a More octopus, Gefyra DSC05888.JPG

0611 Beach, Gefyra P1040326 (2).JPG

0612 The Rock from Gefyra Beach P1090894.JPG

0612a The Rock P1090734.JPG

0613 Road from Gefyra to Monemvasia P1040100.JPG

0614 Across the causeway towards the Rock P1040328.JPG

0615 First view of Castle Battlements, Monemvasia P1040349.JPG

0616 The road ends here, Monemvasia DSC06056.JPG

0617 Detail of castle wall, Monemvasia P1090869 (2).JPG

0618 Entrance to Monemvasia P1090868.JPG

0619 Doorway to Castle and Town of Monemvasia P1040348.JPG

0620 Ancient door, Monemvasia P1090863.JPG

0621 Only transport into Monemvasia P1040314.JPG

0622 Into the Castle, Monemvasia P1040338.JPG

0623 Main Street of Monemvasia from tunnel P1040351 (2).JPG

0624 Main Street, Monemvasia DSC06033.JPG

0625 Main Street, Monemvasia P1040339.JPG

0626 Main Street, Monemvasia P1040234.JPG

0627 Under the vines, Main Street, Monemvasia P1040182.JPG

0628 Main Street, Monemvasia P1040341.JPG

0629 Main Street Taverna, Monemvasia P1040236.JPG

0630 Approaching Central Square Monemvasia P1090646.JPG

0631 Shop, Monemvasia P1090789.JPG

0632 Shop, Monemvasia P1090643.JPG

0633 Shop window, Monemvasia DSC05924.JPG

0634 Shop, Monemvasia P1090787.JPG

0635 Shop, Monemvasia P090791.JPG

0636 Shops at Night, Monemvasia P1090811.JPG

0637 Taverna at night, Monemvasia P1090814.JPG

0638 Taverna Main Street, Monemvasia P1090808.JPG

0639 Restaurant, Monemvasia DSC05930.JPG

0640 Restaurant balcony and view, Monemvasia P1040140.JPG

0641 View of Square from Restaurant, Monemvasia P1040190.JPG

0642 Garden Restaurant, Monemvasia DSC05996.JPG

0643 Restaurant, Monemvasia DSC05995.JPG

0644 Restored Malvasia Hotel, Monemvasia DSC05895.JPG

0645 Old walls, Monemvasia DSC05956.JPG

0646 Houses and Ruins, Monemvasia P1040095.JPG

0647 Restored house & garden, Monemvasia P1090689.JPG

0648 Old restored houses, Monemvasia DSC05957.JPG

0649 Doorway, Monemvasia DSC05904.JPG

0650 Old restored house, Monemvasia P1040222.JPG

0651 Old restored houses, Monemvasia P1040218.JPG

0652 Old restored houses P1090845.JPG

0653 Steps and Arches, Monemvasia P1040149.JPG

0654 Pathway, Monemvasia P1090660.JPG

0655 Restored church and stone walling, Monemvasia P1090848.JPG

0656 Restored Guesthouse, Monemvasia DSC05916.JPG

0657 Restored houses, Monemvasia P1090752.JPG

0658 Old Stones and restoration work, Monemvasia P1040167.JPG

0659 Restored buildings now Guesthouses, Monemvasia P1040198.JPG

0660 Ancient restored building with original chimney, Monemvasia P1040221.JPG

0660a Another view of 660, Monemvasia P1090842.JPG

0661 Restoration work, Monemvasia P1040156.JPG

0662 Beautiful bougainvillea, Monemvasia P1090762.JPG

0663 Pathway to Outside Wall, Monemvasia P1040258.JPG

0664 Coming out of church, Monemvasia P1090821.JPG

0665 View of the town, Monemvasia P1090843.JPG

0666 Main Square, Monemvasia P1090598 (2).JPG

0667 Main Square, Monemvasia P1090602.JPG

0668 Cathedral of Christ in Chains, Monemvasia P1090743 (2).JPG

0669 Another view Cathedral and Square, Monemvasia P1040176.JPG

0670 Cannon, Main Square, Monemvasia P1040179.JPG

0671 Christening party, outside Cathedral, Monemvasia P1040253.JPG

0672 Bell Tower, Cathedral, Momemvasia P1040263.JPG

0672a Bell Tower, Monemvasia P1040264.JPG

0673 Top of the main wall, Monemvasia P1090858.JPG

0673a Main wall, Monemvasia P1090859.JPG

0674 Sea Wall, Monemvasia P1090751.JPG

0675 Sea Wall, Monemvasia P1090833 (2).JPG

0676 Sea wall, Monemvasia P1040209.JPG

0677 Tunnel and sea wall, Monemvasia P1090826.JPG

0678 AncientSea Wall, Monemvasia P1040204.JPG

0679 The Beach, Monemvasia P1090655.JPG

0680 Far corner of Sea Wall, Monemvasia P1090760.JPG

0681 Outside Wall of Monemvasia P1040200.JPG

0682 Outside Wall of Monemvasia P1090622.JPG

0683 Stairway to Top of Castle, Monemvasia P1040279.JPG

0684 View to Top of Castle, Monemvasia P1040171.JPG

0685 Restored house at top of Monemvasia P1040275.JPG

0686 View of Myrtoon Sea, from Monemvasia P1040094 (3).JPG

0687 View of Monemvasia P1040094 (3).JPG

0687a  Further up the hill, Monemvasia P1040094 (2).JPG

0688 Rooftops, Monemvasia P1090621.JPG

0689 Monemvasia from top P1040276.JPG

0690 Monemvasia from Top P1040290.JPG

0691 View from Steps to Top, Monemvasia P1090857.JPG

0692 View from steps, Monemvasia P1090853.JPG

0693 View from steps, Monemvasia P1090856.JPG

0694 Night, Monemvasia DSC06081.JPG

0695 This way out, Monemvasia DSC05923.JPG

0696 Greek dancer, Gefyra P1090927.JPG

0696a Greek dancers, Gefyra P1090932.JPG

0696b Greek dancers, Gefyra P1090950.JPG

0697 Greek dancers, Gefyra P1090981.JPG

0697a Greek dancers, Gefyra P1100038.JPG

0697b Greek dancers, Gefyra P1100057.JPG

0698 Cruise boat at dusk, Gefyra P1090905.JPG

0699 Sunset, Gefyra P1100081.JPG

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