Metsovo, and the Lower Pindos Mountains
The new major highway across Northern Greece, called Egnatia, has opened up some of the most beautiful
mountain country. Most tourists never know about it, let alone make a point of seeing it. I count myself particularly lucky to have
found my way from Parga in north-west Greece to see the amazing villages and stunning panoramas of the Pindos Mountains.
On this page I am featuring the unspoiled and serene town of Metsovo, perched on a hillside in these lovely mountains.
I visited on market day which provided a fascinating glimpse of the wonderful produce grown in this region. From
Metsovo, we  travelled into the virtually unknown region of the Lower Pindos Mountains, crossed the Arahthos River
 at Plaka, and journeyed to the remote towns of Agnada and Pramada. The Athamanica Mountains overshadowing this
 area are truly awesome. (See also my page of the Vikos Gorge for more pictures of the Pindos Range.)

1300 Egnatia - Greece's West-East Motorway, Near Metsovo P1050944.JPG

1301 Egnatia from the Turnoff to Metsovo P1050954.JPG

1302 Towards Metsovo, Mountain roads P1050958.JPG

1303 Egnatia Viaduct from Metsovo P1050789.JPG

1304 Metsovo P1060062.JPG

1305 Different view of Metsovo P1060056.JPG

1306 Metsovo P1060061.JPG

1307 Street, Metsovo P1060004.JPG

1308 Street, Metsovo P1050994.JPG

1309 Street, Metsovo P1050990.JPG

1310 Street, Metsovo P1050974 (2).JPG

1311 Street, Metsovo P1050977.JPG

1312 True Cobblestone Street, Metsovo P1060049.JPG

1313 Houses, Metsovo P1050969.JPG

1314 Houses, Metsovo P1050975.JPG

1315 Houses, Metsovo P1050790.JPG

1315 Houses, Metsovo P1050790.JPG

1317 Houses, Metsovo P1060050.JPG

1318 Taverna, Metsovo P1050784.JPG

1319 Taverna, Metsovo P1050785.JPG

1320 Taverna, Metsovo P1050988.JPG

1321 Taverna, Metsovo P1050989.JPG

1322 Taverna, Metsovo P1050978 (2).JPG

1323 Antiques and Handcrafts shop, Metsovo P1050987.JPG

1324 Inside the Antique Shop, Metsovo P1050986.JPG

1325 In the Antique shop, Metsovo P1050983.JPG

1325 In the Antique shop, Metsovo P1050983.JPG

1327 Alpine walking sticks, Metsovo P1050973.JPG

1328 Cow Bells P1050982.JPG

1329 Garden shop, Metsovo P1050999.JPG

1330 Every whichway! Metsovo P1050782.JPG

1331 Central Clock Tower, Metsovo P1060006.JPG

1332 Local woman in traditional dress, Metsovo P1050965.JPG

1333 Traditional dress, Metsovo P1060028.JPG

1334 Traditional dress, Metsovo P1060030.JPG

1335 Traditional dress, Metsovo P1060007.JPG

1335 Traditional dress, Metsovo P1060007.JPG

1337 Locals, Metsovo P1060046.JPG

1338 Market Day, Metsovo P1060032.JPG

1339 Market day, Metsovo P1060015.JPG

1340 Garlic for sale, Metsovo P1060043.JPG

1341 Garlic for sale, Metsovo P1060044.JPG

1342 More garlic, Metsovo P1060014.JPG

1343 Cherries, Market, Metsovo P1060018.JPG

1344 Cherries, Market,Metsovo P1060023.JPG

1345 Cherries, Market, Metsovo P1060038.JPG

1346 Capsicums, Market, Metsovo P1060020.JPG

1347 Need a bra, Market, Metsovo P1060040.JPG

1348 Ancient Plane Tree, Metsovo P1050793.JPG

1349 Bears in the forests near Metsovo! P1060052.JPG

1350 View of Metsovo from house P1050786.JPG

1351 Another view of Metsovo P1050792.JPG

1352 Vista from road to Kalentzi, Lower Pindos P1060068.JPG

1353 Into Lower Pindos Mts. P1060071.JPG

1354 Arahthos River from Kalentzi, Lower Pindos Mts. P1060074.JPG

1355 Arahthos River, Lower Pindos Mts. P1060075.JPG

1356 Looking back on the road, Lower Pindos Mts. P1060076.JPG

1357 Vista of Lower Pindos Mountains P1060079.JPG

1358 Closer look of Lower Pindos Mts P1060078.JPG

1359 Plaka, Lower Pindos Mts. P1060097.JPG

1360 Plaka, Lower Pindos Mts P1060098.JPG

1361 Plaka, Lower Pindos Mts P1060100.JPG

1362 Arahthos River, near Plaka, Lower Pindos Mts. P1060095.JPG

1363 Arahthos River, Lower Pindos Mts. P1060085.JPG

1364 Arahthos River and Bridge, Lower Pindos Mts. P1060082.JPG

1365 Arahthos River Bridge, Lower Pindos Mts. P1060127.JPG

1366 Arahthos River Bridge, Lower Pindos Mts. P1060129.JPG

1367 Ancient stone bridge, Plaka, Lower Pindos Mts. P1060142.JPG

1368 Closeup of bridge, Plaka, Lower Pindos Mts. P1060139.JPG

1369 Stone bridge, Plaka, Lower Pindos Mts. P1060134.JPG

1370 Vista from road, Lower Pindos Mts. P1060103.JPG

1371 Road to Pramada, Lower Pindos Mts P1060104.JPG

1372 Athamanika Mountains, Lower Pindos  P1060107.JPG

1373 Athamanika Mountains, Lower Pindos  P1060111.JPG

1374 Villages of Agnada and Pramada, Lower Pindos Mts. P1060109.JPG

1375 Villages of Agnada and Pramada, Lower Pindos Mts. P1060113.JPG

1376 Villages of Agnada and Pramada, Lower Pindos Mts. P1060114.JPG

1377 Villages of Agnada and Pramada, Lower Pindos Mts. P1060115.JPG

1378 Villages of Agnada and Pramada, Lower Pindos Mts. .JPG

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