The western Cycladic island of Milos is a little out of the way of normal tourist traffic. However, it's well worth
 a visit to see its dramatic coastline of amazing rock formations showing mineral deposits of kaolin, silica, bentonite, perlite
 and obsidian. Milos has sulphur mines too, and hot springs, legacy of the island's volcanic origins. However, from the attractive
 port of Adamas,  to the central towns of Plaka and Trypiti, Milos retains the essential Cycladic ambience. Milos's beaches
are different - strung beneath colourful cliffs such as Paleohori beach, or on the white silica at Sarakiniko. Most of
these pictures were taken on a round-the-island day cruise, an absolutely fascinating look at the caves, cliffs and
 strange rocks forming the Milos coastline, not to mention the tiny fishing villages of  Fourkovouni, Areti and Klima.
An ancient Roman theatre is still in situ near Trypiti. I have added six pictures of the nearby tiny unspoilt
 island of Kimolos

2800 Adamas, Milos P1070606.JPG

2801 Adamas, Milos P1070609.JPG

2802 Adamas, Milos P1070349.JPG

2803 Adamas, the Marina, Milos P1070348.JPG

2804 Adamas, Marina, Milos P1070346.JPG

2805 Adamas, from the quay, Milos P1070345.JPG

2806 Bus stop at the quay, Adamas, Milos P1070343.JPG

2807 Old ore loading site, Milos Bay, Milos P1070364.JPG

2808 Reflections, Milos Bay, Milos P1070366.JPG

2809 Pillars of rock, Vani, Milos P1070370.JPG

2810 Cave along coast, Milos P1070389.JPG

2811 Looking through cave, Milos P1070393.JPG

2812 Cliffs of Kaolin and other minerals, Milos P1070397.JPG

2813 Amazing cliffs of minerals, Milos P1070399.JPG

2814 Amazing cliffs of minerals, Milos P1070403.JPG

2815 Ciffs and caves, Milos P1070405.JPG

2816 Caves, Milos P1070407.JPG

2817 Caves, Milos P1070409.JPG

2818 Caves, Milos P1070410.JPG

2819 Keftiko, Milos P1070420.JPG

2820 Kleftiko, Milos P1070425.JPG

2821 Kleftiko, Milos P1070430.JPG

2822 Swimming, Kleftiko, Milos P1070434.JPG

2823 Swimming, Kleftiko, Milos P1070438.JPG

2824 Kleftiko, Milos P1070436.JPG

2825 Colour of the water, Kleftiko, Milos P1070440.JPG

2826 Along the coast, Milos P1070443.JPG

2827 Loading minerals from the mines, Milos P1070450.JPG

2828 Tiny beach, south coast, Milos P1070462.JPG

2829 Tsigrado Beach P1070465.JPG

2830 Beach, south coast, Milos P1070469.JPG

2831 Paleohori Beach, south coast, Milos P1070470.JPG

2832 Beach, south coast, Milos P1070472.JPG

2833 Amazing rock colours, Milos P1070475.JPG

2834 Amazing rock formation, Milos P1070475 (2).JPG

2835 'The eye' rock formation, Milos P1070476.JPG

2836 Amazing rock formations, Milos P1070477.JPG

2837 Site of the old Sulphur mine, Milos P1070482.JPG

2838 Site of the old Sulphur mine, Milos P1070484.JPG

2839 Old entrance, Sulphur mine, Milos P1070485.JPG

2840 Pollonia, Milos P1070500.JPG

2841 Kalogeros Islet, Milos P1070509.JPG

2842 Glaronissia Island, Milos P1070513.JPG

2843 Glaronissia Island, Milos P1070525.JPG

2844 Glaronissia Island, Milos P1070531.JPG

2845 Amazing pipe rocks, Glaronissia Island, Milos P1070532.JPG

2846 Amazing pipe rocks, Glaronissia Island, Milos P1070534.JPG

2847 Sunken ship, north coast, Milos P1070541.JPG

2848 Sarakiniko, Milos P1070543.JPG

2849  Silica cliffs, Sarakiniko, Milos P1070545.JPG

2850 Sarakiniko Beach, Milos P1070546b.jpg

2851 Sarakiniko Beach, Milos P1070547.JPG

2852 Silica cliffs, Sarakiniko, Milos P1070552.JPG

2853 Silica cliffs, Sarakiniko, Milos P1070555.JPG

2854 Sarakiniko, MilosP1070557.JPG

2855 Arkoudes (Bear) Rocks, Milos P1070579.JPG

2856 Arkoudes (bear) Rocks, Milos P1070575.JPG

2857 Arkoudes (Bear) Rocks, Milos P1070574.JPG

2858 Village of Fourkovouni, Milos P1070561.JPG

2859 Fourkovouni, Milos P1070562.JPG

2860 Church, Fourkovouni, Milos P1070563.JPG

2861 Fourkovouni, Milos P1070564.JPG

2862 Fourkovouni, Milos P1070566.JPG

2863 Fourkovouni, Milos P1070567.JPG

2864 Castle ruins, Milos P1070570.JPG

2865 Village of Areti, Milos P1070582.JPG

2866 Areti, Milos P1070584.JPG

2867 Areti, Milos P1070586.JPG

2868 Hilltop town of Plaka, Milos P1070587.JPG

2869 Plaka, and fishing village of Klima, Milos P1070595.JPG

2870 Plaka, and fishing village of Klima, Milos P1070590.JPG

2871 Klima, Milos P1070589.JPG

2872 Klima, Milos P1070592.JPG

2873 Klima, Milos P1070596.JPG

2874 Klima, Milos P1070603.JPG

2875 Plaka, Milos P1070616.JPG

2876 Plaka, Milos P1070617.JPG

2877 Plaka street, Milos P1070621.JPG

2878 Improvised shop, Plaka, Milos P1070622.JPG

2879 Steps, Plaka, Milos P1070612.JPG

2880 Old town, Plaka, Milos P1070618.JPG

2881 Old town, Plaka, Milos P1070626.JPG

2882 Ancient drinking fountain, Plaka, Milos P1070620.JPG

2883 Locals, Plaka, Milos P1070624.JPG

2884 Trypiti, Milos P1070629.JPG

2885 Trypiti, Milos P1070630.JPG

2886 Hilltop church, Plaka, Milos P1070633.JPG

2887 Ancient ruins, near Trypiti, Milos P1070634.JPG

2888 Ancient wall, near Trypiti, Milos P1070635.JPG

2889 Ancient theatre and Klima, Milos P1070638.JPG

2890 Ancient theatre, Milos P1070637.JPG

2891 Ancient theatre, Milos P1070639.JPG

2892 Welcome to Trypiti, Milos P1070627.JPG

2893 Cruise boat - arrival at Kimolos P1070492.JPG

2894 The quay, Kimolos P1070336.JPG

2895 Kimolos P1070337.JPG

2896 Kimolos P1070488.JPG

2897 Old mining cave, Kimolos P1070491.JPG

2898 Two windmills, Kimolos P1070490.JPG

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