One of the most recognisable tourist destinations of Greece is the amazing rock formations of
 Meteora and the Monasteries atop them, listed as a World Heritage Site. At first the Monasteries were
 reached by climbing ladders, or the monks hauled up in nets by windlasses. Nowadays, access roads and steep
 steps make it easier. Stunning vistas open up from the tops of the rocks. My pictures show the four main
Monasteries, with the interior of Moni Megalou Meteorou.

1400 Meteora P1050669.JPG

1401 Meteora P1050672.JPG

1402 Moni Agiou Nikolaou Anapafsa, Meteora P1050674.JPG

1403 Meteora P1050677.JPG

1404 Meteora P1050680.JPG

1405 Meteora P1050681.JPG

1406 Meteora P1050684.JPG

1407 Meteora P1050685.JPG

1408 Meteora P1050697.JPG

1409 Meteora P1050691.JPG

1410 Approach to  Moni Megalou Meteorou, Meteora  P1050699.JPG

1411 Moni Megalou Meteorou, Meteora P1050707.JPG

1412 Moni Megalou Meteorou, Meteora P1050748.JPG

1413 Moni Megalou Meteorou, Meteora P1050705.JPG

1414 Entrance to Moni Megalou Meteorou, Meteora P1050709.JPG

1415 Start of steps to top of Monastery, Meteora  P1050746.JPG

1416 More steps to top of Monastery, Meteora P1050721.JPG

1417 Top of steps to Monastery, Meteora P1050719.JPG

1418 Shrine at Moni Megalou Meteorou, Meteora P1050720.JPG

1419 Tower of Monastery, Meteora P1050715.JPG

1420 Transport into the Monastery, Meteora P1050712.JPG

1421 Transport into the Monastery, Meteora  P1050713.JPG

1422  Entry point for Monastery cable car, Meteora P1050726.JPG

1423 Monastery Bell, Meteora P1050743.JPG

1424 Inside the Monastery, Meteora P1050728.JPG

1425 Inside the Monastery, Meteora P1050727.JPG

1426 Beautiful view of the Monastery, Meteora P1050744.JPG

1427 Monastery Balcony, Meteora P1050734.JPG

1428 View from Monastery Balcony, Meteora P1050737.JPG

1429 View of Kastraki Village from Monastery, Meteora P1050729.JPG

1430 View from Monastery, Meteora P1050749.JPG

1431 View from Monastery, Meteora P1050718.JPG

1432 Another view of Kastraki from the Monastery, Meteora P1050733.JPG

1433 Closer view of Kastraki from Meteora P1050731.JPG

1434 Meteora P1050710.JPG

1435 Meteora P1050714.JPG

1436 Moni Varlaam, Meteora P1050722.JPG

1437 Moni Varlaam, Meteora P1050739.JPG

1438 Moni Varlaam, Meteora P1050723.JPG

1439 Moni Varlaam, Meteora P1050750.JPG

1440 Moni Varlaam, Meteora P1050752.JPG

1441 Moni Varlaam, Meteora P1050711.JPG

1442 On top of the rock! Meteora P1050751.JPG

1443 View of Kastraki Village from Meteora P1050755.JPG

1444 Meteora P1050764.JPG

1445 Distant view of  Moni Agias Varvaras Rousanou, Meteora P1050762.JPG

1446  Moni Agias Varvaras Rousanou, Meteora P1050758.JPG

1447 Moni Agias Varvaras Rousanou, Meteora P1050763.JPG

1448 Moni Agias Varvaras Rousanou, Meteora  P1050757.JPG

1449 Meteora P1050766.JPG

1450 Meteora P1050771.JPG

1451 Meteora P1050765.JPG

1452 View towards Kalambaka from Meteora P1050770.JPG

1453 Moni Agiou Stefanou, Meteora P1050774.JPG

1454 Moni Agiou Stefanou, Meteora P1050775.JPG

1455 Renovations in progress, Meteora P1050776.JPG

1456 Moni Agiou Stefanou, Meteora P1050777.JPG

1457 Moni Agiou Stefanou, Meteora P1050779.JPG

1458 Moni Agiou Stefanou and Kalambaka P1050778.JPG

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