Mani Country
The Mani Country covers the remote, rugged, wild south of the middle peninsula of the Greek Peloponnese
and is divided into the Messinian Mani and the Lakonian Mani. Itís a fascinating place to visit, for in early times, the
 populace built rather bizarre stone tower houses, grouped together in protective towns, overshadowed by awesome, rather
 bleak stony mountains. My pictures show the towns of Areopoli, Gerolimenas, Vathia, Porto Kagio, Limeni, Itilo - all
from the Lakonian Mani, and Stoupa and Kardamyli from the Messinian Mani.

700 Beached boat, Lakonian Mani DSC06087.JPG

701 Street, Areopoli, Lakonian Mani DSC06179.JPG

702 Fruit & Veg, Areopoli, Lakonian Mani DSC06168.JPG

704 Sorting greens, Areopoli, Lakonian Mani DSC06180.JPG

705 Church doorway, Areopoli, Lakonian Mani DSC06173.JPG

706 Ruined Tower House, Areopoli , Lakonian Mani DSC06174.JPG

707 Sombre Stone, Areopoli, Lakonian Mani DSC06169.JPG

708 Stone Tower House, Areopoli, Lakonian Mani DSC06176.JPG

709 Transport, Areopoli, Lakonian Mani DSC06171.JPG

710 Bleak country, Lakonian Mani DSC06187.JPG

711 Ruins, Lakonian Mani DSC06185.JPG

712 Tower House, Lakonian Mani DSC06189.JPG

713 Alika, Lakonian Mani DSC06198.JPG

714 Gerolimenas, Lakonian Mani DSC06197.JPG

715 Gerolimenas, Lakonian Mani DSC06272.JPG

716 Vathia, Lakonian Mani DSC06229.JPG

717 Vathia, Lakonian Mani DSC06270.JPG

718 Vathia, Lakonian Mani DSC06224.JPG

719 Vathia, Lakonian Mani DSC06223.JPG

720 Vathia, Lakonian Mani DSC06217.JPG

721 Ruins, Vathia, Lakonian Mani DSC06214.JPG

722 Tower House, Vathia, Lakonian Mani DSC06207.JPG

723 Tower House, Vathia, Lakonian Mani DSC06206.JPG

724 Harsh country, Vathia, Lakonian Mani DSC06216.JPG

725 Coastline from Vathia, Lakonian Mani DSC06226.JPG

726 Road & wildflowers, Lakonian Mani DSC06267.JPG

727 Porto Kagio, Lakonian Mani DSC06262.JPG

728 Porto Kagio, Lakonian Mani DSC06261.JPG

729 Porto Kagio, Lakonian Mani DSC06232.JPG

730 Porto Kagio, Lakonian Mani DSC06259.JPG

731 Hillside wildflowers, Porto Kagio DSC06245.JPG

732 Ag. Nikolaos Church, Porto Kagio DSC06250.JPG

733 Old church bell, Porto Kagio DSC06247.JPG

734 Most southern point Peloponnese Porto Kagio DSC06248.JPG

735 Remote beach, Marmari, Lakonian Mani DSC06263.JPG

736 Coastline, Messinian Mani DSC06113.JPG

737 Limeni, Lakonian Mani DSC06099.JPG

738 Limeni Bay, Lakonian Mani DSC06094.JPG

739 Limeni, Lakonian Mani DSC06089.JPG

740 Limeni,Lakonian Mani DSC06088.JPG

741 Limeni, Lakonian Mani DSC06090.JPG

742 Limeni Bay, Lakonian Mani DSC06101.JPG

743 Old House, Itilo, Lakonian Mani DSC06105.JPG

744 Stoupa, Messinian Mani DSC06164.JPG

745 The beach, Stoupa, Messinian Mani DSC06165. JPG

746 The beach, Stoupa, Messinian Mani DSC06166.JPG

747 Main Street, Kardamyli, Messinian Mani DSC06119.JPG

748 Main Street, Kardamyli, Messinian Mani DSC06121.JPG

749 Main Street, Kardamyli, Messinian Mani DSC06122.JPG

750 Taverna, Kardamyli, Messinian Mani DSC06148.JPG

751 Beach, Kardamyli, Messinian Mani DSC06159.JPG

752 Marina, Kardamyli, Messinian Mani DSC06156.JPG

753 Bougainvillea, Kardamyli, Messinian Mani DSC06118.JPG

754 Trumpet lily, Kardamyli, Messinian Mani DSC06116.JPG

755 Ornate balcony, Kardamyli, Messinian Mani DSC06144.JPG

756 Old Kardamyli, Messinian Mani DSC06125.JPG

757 Old Kardamyli, Messinian Mani DSC06137.JPG

758 Old Kardamyli, Messinian Mani DSC06126.JPG

759 Old Kardamyli, Messinian Mani DSC06131.JPG

760 Tower house, Old Kardamyli, Messinian Mani DSC06141.JPG

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