Lefkada is one of the least visited Ionian Islands. Situated below Corfu and Paxi, many people believe
 it is not an island at all. It used to be joined to the mainland (Sterea Ellada), but in the 8th century BC the Corinthians
  dug a strait through the tiny peninsular, now spanned by a causeway. The journey by bus from the mainland hub of
  Preveza takes you across the flatlands, over the causeway and past the ancient Fortress of Agia Mavra to Lefkada
Town. From here you journey south to the tourist town of Nydri, launching place for many tours of the island such
 as Porto Katsiki and the near islands of Meganisi and Skorpios (of Onassis fame). The southerly town of
Vassiliki is one of my favourite places. Quiet and peaceful, its tranquil waterfront makes for a great R&R
 spot. However Vassiliki is Europe's premier windsurfing destination and classes are held all summer.
Utterly fascinating!

2000 Lone Windmill, Preveza to Lefkada 00000125.JPG

2001 Preveza to Lefkada 00000126.JPG

2002 Fortress of Agia Mavra, near Lefkada 00000130.JPG

2003 Fortress of Agia Mavra, near Lefkada 00000132.JPG

2004 Old Ferry and Fortress, near Lefkada 00000128.JPG

2005 Causeway to Lefkada 00000133.JPG

2006 Mainland from Lefkada Town 00000123.JPG

2007 Marina, Nydri, Lefkada P1050675.JPG

2008 Marina, Nydri, Lefkada P1050688.JPG

2009 Marina, Nydri, Lefkada P1050687.JPG

2010 Vlicho Bay, Nydri, Lefkada P1050680.JPG

2011 Vlicho Bay, Nydri, Lefkada P1050681.JPG

2012 Vlicho Bay, Nydri, Lefkada P1050686 (2).JPG

2013 Vlicho Bay, Nydri, Lefkada P1050682.JPG

2014 Excursion Boat, from Nydri, Lefkada P1050694.JPG

2015 Nydri from Meganisis, Lefkada P1050692.JPG

2016 Off Island of Skorpios, Lefkada P1050697.JPG

2017 Rounding Cape Lefkatas, Lefkada P1050703.JPG

2018 Cliffs, Porto Katsiki, Lefkada P1050747.JPG

2019 Porto Katsiki, Lefkada P1050757.JPG

2020 Beach, Porto Katsiki, Lefkada P1050724.JPG

2021 Anchorage, Porto Katsiki, Lefkada P1050739.JPG

2022 Disembarking, Porto Katsiki, Lefkada P1050715.JPG

2023 Another way to disembark, Porto Katsiki, Lefkada P1050717.JPG

2024 Clifftop Pathway, Porto Katsiki, Lefkada P1050723.JPG

2025 Water Colour, Porto Katsiki, Lefkada P1050745.JPG

2026 Leaving Porto Katsiki, Lefkada P1050759.JPG

2027 Vassiliki, Lefkada P1040845.JPG

2028 Approach to Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060331.JPG

2029 Approach to Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060330.JPG

2030 Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060322.JPG

2031 Approach to Vassiliki, Lefkada P1040898.JPG

2032 Cove, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060244.JPG

2033 Cove, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060242.JPG

2034 Cloud, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060309.JPG

2035 Vassiliki Waterfront, Lefkada P1060327.JPG

2036 Vassiliki Waterfront, Lefkada P1060329.JPG

2037 Marina, Vassiliki P1040870.JPG

2038 Marina, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1040878.JPG

2039 Fishing boat, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060235.JPG

2040 Marina, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060232.JPG

2041 Fishing nets, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1040924.JPG

2042 Vassiliki Waterfront, Lefkada P1040879.JPG

2043 Marina, Vassiliki, Lefkada 00000115.JPG

2044 Street, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1040950.JPG

2045 Street, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1040952.JPG

2046 Street, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1040951.JPG

2047 Taverna, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1040953.JPG

2048 Taverna, Vassiliki, Lefkada 00000118.JPG

2049 Taverna, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1040875.JPG

2050 Taverna, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060234.JPG

2051 Menu in four languages, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060249.JPG

2052 The Beach, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060252.JPG

2053 Lifeguard Station, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1040861.JPG

2054 The Rules, Vassiliki beach, Lefkada P1040866.JPG

2055 Hanging sails, Vassiliki beach, Lefkada P1060183.JPG

2056 Choosing a sail, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1040867.JPG

2057 Boards, Vassiliki beach, Lefkada P1060184.JPG

2058 Boards, Vassiliki Beach, Lefkada P1040868.JPG

2059 Instruction, Vassiliki Beach, Lefkada P1040869.JPG

2060 Windsurfing class, Vassiliki beach, Lefkada P1060279.JPG

2061 Windsurfing class, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060278.JPG

2062 Windsurfing class, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060219.JPG

2063 Windsurfing class, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060215.JPG

2064 Windsurfing class, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060221.JPG

2065 Windsurfing class, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060223.JPG

2066 Windsurfing class, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060226.JPG

2067 Windsurfing class, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1040849.JPG

2068 Windsurfing class, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1040856.JPG

2069 Windsurfing, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060227.JPG

2070 Windsurfers, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1040935.JPG

2071 Windsurfers, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1040939.JPG

2072 Windsurfers, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060200.JPG

2073 Windsurfer, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060316.JPG

2074 Windsurfer, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060171.JPG

2075 Windsurfer, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060204.JPG

2076 Windsurfer, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060293.JPG

2077 Windsurfer, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1040931.JPG

2078 Windsurfers, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060263.JPG

2079 Boats, Vassiki, Lefkada P1040925.JPG

2080 Boats, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060173.JPG

2081 Boats, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060175.JPG

2082 The ferry, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060236.JPG

2083 Unloading the ferry, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060241.JPG

2084 Tranquillity, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060248.JPG

2085 Birds and Vassiliki, Lefkada P1040918.JPG

2086 Birds, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1040915.JPG

2087 Yellow butterfly and Pine Thistles, Vassiliki, Lefkada P1040888.JPG

2088 Goodbye to Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060332.JPG

2089 Out to Ionian Sea, off Lefkada P1060333.JPG

2090 Leaving Vassiliki, Lefkada P1060334.JPG

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