Ithaki (also spelled Ithaka) was the glorious home of Odysseus (Ulysses) in Greek mythology. One of the
smaller Ionian Islands, Western Greece, it is a tranquil, serene and simply beautiful place - one of the lesser-known
and in my opinion, over-looked tourist islands. My pictures show the main town of Vathy, which was rebuilt after the
earthquake of 1953, and its streets, shops, tavernas, boats and water views, not to mention the picturesque houses
lining the waterfront and harbour. The tiny village of Kioni is a slumbering stunner nestling beneath pine-clad hills,
 as is Frikes with its guardian windmills. Note photograph 1875 - the fruit-and-vegetable delivery truck on board
the ferry - and 1890, the testimonial to World War Two casualties.

1800 Ionian Sea P1040842.JPG

1801 Ithaki - Home of Odysseus P1040615.JPG

1802 Vathy's serene Bay, Ithaki P1040620.JPG

1803 Becalmed, Ithaki P1040596.JPG

1804 View of Vathy, Ithaki P1060470.JPG

1805 Lazareto Islet and Vathy, Ithaki P1060472.JPG

1806 Lazareto Islet, Vathy, Ithaki P1040618.JPG

1807 Fishermen's Nets, Vathy, Ithaki P1040601.JPG

1808 Fishermen's Nets, Vathy, Ithaki P1060434.JPG

1809 Fishing Boat, Vathy, Ithaki P1060426.JPG

1810 Anchor Memorial, Vathy, Ithaki P1060440.JPG

1811 Anchor overlooking entrance to Bay, Vathy. Ithaki  P1060441.JPG

1812 View of Vathy, Ithaki P1060449.JPG

1813 View of Vathy, Ithaki P1040669.JPG

1814 View of Vathy, Ithaki P1040667.JPG

1815 View of Vathy, Ithaki P1060446.JPG

1816 View of Vathy, Ithaki P1060421.JPG

1817 View of Vathy, Ithaki P1060399.JPG

1818 View of Vathy, Ithaki P1060417.JPG

1819 View of Vathy, Ithaki P1060423.JPG

1820 View of Vathy, Ithaki P1060419.JPG

1821 View of Vathy, Ithaki P1060431.JPG

1822 Central Hub of Vathy, Ithaki P1040666.JPG

1823 Breakfast, Vathy, Ithaki P1040673.JPG

1824 Street, Vathy, Ithaki DSC06494.JPG

1825 Gyros cafe, Vathy, Ithaki 00000001 (2).JPG

1826 Carpet Cleaning, Church, Vathy. Ithaki P1040656.JPG

1827 Interior of town, Vathy, Ithaki P1060502.JPG

1828 Waterfront (Paralia), Vathy, Ithaki P1060408.JPG

1829 Paralia, Vathy, Ithaki P1040652.JPG

1830 Paralia, Vathy, Ithaki P1040642.JPG

1831 Paralia, Vathy, Ithaki P1040670.JPG

1832 Paralia, Vathy, Ithaki P1060425.JPG

1833 Yacht Marina, Vathy, Ithaki 00000001.JPG

1834 Old house, Vathy, Ithaki P1040630.JPG

1835 Old house, Vathy, Ithaki P1060439.JPG

1836 Paralia, Vathy, Ithaki P1060478.JPG

1837 Paralia (other side), Vathy, Ithaki P1060477.JPG

1838 Vathy, Ithaki P1060463 (3).JPG

1839 Fishing boat, Vathy, Ithaki P1040625.JPG

1840 Pirate ship, Vathy, Ithaki P1040643.JPG

1841 Boat and Vathy, Ithaki P1060418.JPG

1842 Fishing boat, Vathy, Ithaki P1060432.JPG

1843 Taverna, Vathy, Ithaki P1040610.JPG

1844 Taverna, Vathy, Ithaki P1060450.JPG

1845  Niko's Grill, Vathy, Ithaki P1060512.JPG

1846 Kitchen, Niko's Grill, Vathy, Ithaki P1060396.JPG

1847 Food, Niko's Grill, Vathy, Ithaki P1060488.JPG

1848 Food, Niko's Grill, Vathy, Ithaki P1060490.JPG

1849 Entrance to Bay, Kioni, Ithaki P1040726.JPG

1850 Entrance to Bay, Kioni, Ithaki P1040732.JPG

1851 Kioni, Ithaki P1050886.JPG

1852 Kioni, Ithaki P1050875.JPG

1853Crystal waters, Kioni, Ithaki P1040720.JPG

1854 Kioni, Ithaki P1050865.JPG

1855 Kioni, Ithaki P1050866.JPG

1856 Kioni, Ithaki P1040705.JPG

1857 Crystal waters, Kioni, Ithaki P1050870.JPG

1858 The quay, Kioni, Ithaki P1050846.JPG

1859 Marina, Kioni, Ithaki P1040693.JPG

1860 Cafe, Kioni, Ithaki P1040752.JPG

1861 Taverna, Kioni, Ithaki DSC06558.JPG

1862 Cafe, Kioni, Ithaki DSC06548.JPG

1863 Waterfront tavernas, Kioni, Ithaki P1040698.JPG

1864 Taverna, Kioni, Ithaki P1040747 (2).JPG

1865 Taverna, Kioni, Ithaki P1050850 (2).JPG

1866 Paralia, (waterfront), Kioni, Ithaki P1050861.JPG

1867 Taverna, Kioni, Ithaki P1050855.JPG

1868 Fishing boat, the Moby Dick, Kioni, Ithaki P1040741.JPG

1869 Kioni, Ithaki P1050862.JPG

1870 Looking towards the quay, Kioni, Ithaki  P1050859.JPG

1871 The beach, Kioni, Ithaki P1040744.JPG

1872 The beach, Kioni, Ithaki P1050864.JPG

1873 House, Kioni, Ithaki P1050867.JPG

1874 The bus stop, Kioni, Ithaki P1040753.JPG

1875 Fruit shop on board ferry, Ithaki 00000112 (2).JPG

1876 The quay, Frikes, Ithaki P1040837.JPG

1877 Ferry at Frikes quay, Ithaki P1040759.JPG

1878 Members of the clergy, Frikes quay, Ithaki P1040763.JPG

1879 View of Frikes, Ithaki 00000112.JPG

1880 View of Frikes, Ithaki P1040835.JPG

1881 View of Frikes, Ithaki P1040765.JPG

1882 View of Frikes, Ithaki P1040766.JPG

1883 View of Frikes, Ithaki P1040826.JPG

1884 Paralia (waterfront), Frikes, Ithaki P1040780.JPG

1885 Old windmill, Frikes, Ithaki P1040784.JPG

886 Old Windmill, Frikes, Ithaki P1040758.JPG

1887 Rush hour, Frikes, Ithaki P1040772.JPG

1888 Taverna, Frikes, Ithaki P1040831.JPG

1889 Restaurant poster, Frikes, Ithaki P1040774.JPG

1890 War memorial WW11, Frikes, Ithaki P1040781.JPG

1891 Wild poppies, near Frikes, Ithaki P1040812.JPG

1892 Leaving Ithaki P1040764.JPG

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