The Saronic Island of Hydra, is a heritage-listed island, and rightly so. Itís a numero-uno tourist attraction,
 a Greek must-see. Hydra is a place I try to visit as often as possible because it never changes (well hardly ever).
 Itís totally stunning. It has everything. If you canít go to see it, look over these pix and enjoy. Perched behind a
wonderful horseshoe bay full of boats of every kind, little cobblestone alleyways, worn shiny by donkey hooves, lead
 into the slumbering town. I have included pictures of the only transport - donkeys. Watching the unloading of delivery
 ferries is pure theatre - the burdens the donkeys carry are truly amazing. On the paralia (waterfront) are tavernas
 where you can sit all day and watch the world go by. Cannons guard the harbour. There are
stunning views
 of the island hinterland, picturesque streets, and my favourite hotel, the Hotel Miranda (do stay there).
The village of Kamini is another gem, its tiny marina a dropping off point for water taxis.

1100 The 'Flying Dolphin' entering Hydra Harbour P1070942.JPG

1101 Hydra headland P1050993.JPG

1102 Hydra headland P1070911.JPG

1103 Old cannons, Hydra headland P1070927.JPG

1104 Old cannons, Hydra headland P1070882.JPG

1105 Lookout, Hydra headland P1070890.JPG

1106 Old maritime buildings, Harbour entrance, Hydra P1070616.JPG

1107 Old maritime buildings and hillside, Hydra P1070775.JPG

1108 Maritime Museum and hillside, Hydra P1070909.JPG

1109 Old maritime buildings, Harbour entrance, Hydra P1070897.JPG

1110 Hydra P1070901.JPG

1111 Hydra P1070903.JPG

1112 Hydra P1070546.JPG

1113 Hydra P1070551.JPG

1114 Hydra P1070549.JPG

1115 Ferries, Hydra P1060025.JPG

1116 The busy quay, Hydra P1060023.JPG

1117 Hydra P1070548.JPG

1118 Hydra P1070940.JPG

1119 The clock tower, Hydra P1060052.JPG

1120 The clock tower, Hydra P1060053.JPG

1121 The marina, Hydra P1070593.JPG

1122 The marina, Hydra P1070639.JPG

1123 The marina, Hydra P1070588.JPG

1124 The marina, Hydra P1070684.JPG

1125 Marina at dusk, Hydra P1070917.JPG

1126 The marina, dusk, Hydra P1050970.JPG

1127 Taxi boats, Hydra P1070682.JPG

1128 The paralia (waterfront), Hydra P1050829.JPG

1129 The paralia, Hydra P1070937.JPG

1130 Donkey transport, the paralia, Hydra P1070869.JPG

1131 Donkey transport, the paralia, Hydra P1070870.JPG

1132 Ready to load up, the paralia, Hydra P1070540.JPG

1133 Loading up, the paralia, Hydra P1050843.JPG

1134 Yes, donkeys do carry 'chestfreezers', the paralia, Hydra P1060008.JPG

1135 Yes, donkeys carry toilet seats, the paralia, Hydra P1070568.JPG

1136 Loaded with beer, the paralia, Hydra P1070696.JPG

1137 Still unloading at dusk, the paralia, Hydra P1060001.JPG

1138 Friends, the paralia, Hydra P1050833.JPG

1139 Waiting, the paralia, Hydra P1070544.JPG

1140 Unloading, Hydra P1070655.JPG

1141 Oops, cleaning job, Hydra P1060027.JPG

1142 Hydra town from the bay P1070904.JPG

1143 Hillside from bay, Hydra P1070916.JPG

1144 Restored mansions, Hydra P1070923.JPG

1145 Hydra from hillside P1070824.JPG

1146 Hydra from hillside P1070823.JPG

1147 Hillside houses, Hydra P1070825.JPG

1148 Hillside houses, Hydra P1070829.JPG

1149 Little hillside church, Hydra P1070805.JPG

1150 Looking towards the Peloponnese, Hydra P1070832.JPG

1151 The marina from hillside, Hydra P1070835.JPG

1152 The marina from hillside, Hydra P1070836.JPG

1153 Street, Hydra town P1050953.JPG

1154 Only way to travel, Hydra town P1050974.JPG

1155 Street, Hydra town P1070661.JPG

1156 Street, Hydra town P1050973.JPG

1157 Street, Hydra town P1050978.JPG

1158 Street, Hydra town P1070662.JPG

1159 Steps, Hydra town P1070797.JPG

1160 Street, Hydra town P1070800.JPG

1161 Bell tower, Hydra P1070852.JPG

1162 Street, Hydra town P1070874.JPG

1163 Cristina and Manolis's Restaurant, Hydra P1070918.JPG

1164 Fruit and veg, Hydra P1070785.JPG

1165 Entrance to the Hotel Miranda, Hydra P1070650.JPG

1166 Courtyard breakfast, Hotel Miranda, Hydra P1060039.JPG

1167 View from window, Hotel Miranda, Hydra P1070873.JPG

1168 Bell tower, Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Hydra P1070578.JPG

1169 Interior, Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Hydra P1070574.JPG

1170 Interior, Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Hydra P1070571.JPG

1171 Interior, Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Hydra P1060017.JPG

1172 1912-1913 memorial, Hydra P1070583.JPG

1173 Two cats, Hydra P1070780.JPG

1174 Outside the Historical Archives Museum, Hydra P1070675.JPG

1175 Watch out, Hydra P1070614.JPG

1176 Start of the road to Kamini, Hydra P1070596.JPG

1177 Transport along the road to Kamini, Hydra P1070601.JPG

1178 Transport, Hydra P1070698.JPG

1179 Transport, Hydra P1070815.JPG

1180 Restaurant and 'beach', Hydra P1070622.JPG

1181 Beach, Hydra P1070702.JPG

1182 Gulf of Hydra P1070711.JPG

1183 Looking towards Kamini, Hydra P1070715.JPG

1184 Looking towards the marina, Kamini, Hydra  P1070716.JPG

1185 The marina, Kamini, Hydra P1070723.JPG

1186 Boats, Kamini, and view towards Peloponnese, Hydra P1070728.JPG

1187 Marina, Kamini, Hydra P1070727.JPG

1188 Two forms of transport, Kamini, Hydra P1070742.JPG

1189 Kamini, Hydra P1070743.JPG

1190 Boat taxi leaving Kamini, Hydra P1070747.JPG

1191 Kamini, Hydra P1070760.JPG

1192 The beach, Kamini, Hydra P1070754.JPG

1193 Derelict Buildings, Kamini, Hydra P1070755.JPG

1194 Kamini, Hydra P1070762.JPG

1195 Decorative, Hydra P1050946.JPG

1196 What'll it be - Hydra P1070776.JPG

1197 Taverna at night, on the paralia, Hydra  P1070691.JPG

1198 Full moon and fairy lights, paralia, Hydra P1050877.JPG

1199 Full moon and fairy lights, paralia, Hydra P1050878.JPG

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