Fun Signs
I find a great deal of amusement in wacky signs, or placards, posters and signposts in unusual spots.  I particularly
 like the taverna and restaurant signs in Greece, and the unusual boards displaying menus, many of which are
beautifully hand painted. Some of these photographs have already appeared on the appropriate pages, but I think
 they look great all together.

3700 Taverna signs, Nafplio R001-049.JPG

3701 Beware, near Nafplio R001-032.JPG

3702 Octopus for breakfast, Gefyra DSC05883.JPG

3703 Taverna signs, Monemvasia DSC05930.JPG

3704 Which way, Diokopto DSC06332.JPG

3705 Taverna signs, Vathy, Ithaka DSC06507.JPG

3706 Taverna sign, Kioni, Ithaka DSC06545.JPG

3707 Restaurant sign, Vathy, Ithaka P1040646.JPG

3708 Post office, super market & frozen water, Fiskardo, Kefalonia 00000087.JPG

3709 Rubbish, Paxi 00000233.JPG

3710 Washing day at the 'Creperi', Paxi 00000246.JPG

3711 Come to Dodo's, Paxi 00000248.JPG

3712 Taverna signs, Parga DSC07177.JPG

3713 Taverna sign, Parga DSC07180.JPG

3714 Taverna signs, Hydra DSC07262.JPG

3715 Taverna signs, Hydra DSC07263.JPG

3716 Restaurant sign, Hydra DSC07377.JPG

3717 Cafeteria, Kamini, Hydra DSC07413.JPG

3718 Taverna sign, Spetses DSC07466.JPG

3719 Restaurant sign, Spetses DSC07467.JPG

3720 Restaurant sign, Spetses DSC07469.JPG

3721 Unusual sign, Spetses DSC07470.JPG

3722 Artwork, cafe, Spetses DSC07476.JPG

3723 Pizza cafe, Spetses DSC07478.JPG

3724 Gift shop, Spetses DSC07481.JPG

3725 Antique shop, Spetses DSC07483.JPG

3726 Taverna sign, Poros DSC07532.JPG

3727 Taverna menu, Folegandros P1070122.JPG

3728 Taverna sign, Folegandros DSC07606.JPG

3729 Please translate, Folegandros DSC07625.JPG

3730 Welcome to FolegandrosP1070327.JPG

3731 Restaurant sign, Sifnos DSC07743.JPG

3732 Ticket booth, Sifnos DSC08162.JPG

3733 Fish restaurant, Sifnos DSC08000.JPG

3734 Taverna Sofia, Sifnos DSC08054.JPG

3735 Happy Christmas in July, Sifnos DSC08058.JPG

3736 Taverna sign, Sifnos DSC07959.JPG

3737 This-a-way, Naxos dsc01703.jpg

3738 Vassilis taverna, Naxos dsc01712.jpg

3739 Protest sign, Amorgos dsc01844.jpg

3740 Pita specialty shop, Santorini dsc02008.jpg

3741 Ceramic studio, Sifnos dsc02371.jpg

3742 Men's shop, Crete P1020947.JPG

3743 Bakery, Crete P1030563.JPG

3744 Drinks, Naxos P1030691.JPG

3745 Taverna, Sifnos P1040350.JPG

3746 Hotels, Monemvasia P1040350.JPG

3747 Seafood Restaurant, Gefyra P1040385.JPG

3748 Great choice, Ithaka P1040610.JPG

3749 Drink anyone - Ithaka P1040617.JPG

3750 Oops, Ithaka P1040764.JPG

3751 He found his way home, Ithaka P1040774.JPG

3752 To Penelope. Ithaka P1040831.JPG

3753 Cafe, Gaios, Paxi P1050474.JPG

3754 Potted plant, Parga P1050514.JPG

3755 Hotels, Metsovo P1050782.JPG

3756 Water taxi costs, Hydra P1050983.JPG

3757 Dust drawing, Naxos P1060198.JPG

3758 Handpainted sign, Naxos P1060217.JPG

3759 Two choices, Naxos P1060262.JPG

3760 Gift shop, Naxos P1060424.JPG

3761 Fish in the oven with Rosemary, Naxos P1060530.JPG

3762 Nikos was here, Sifnos P1070791.JPG

3763 Quiet now, Loutro, Crete P1090141.JPG

3764 Rest Area Christos, Samaria, Crete P1030400.JPG

3765 Captain Corelli's Cafe, Sami, Kefalonia P1040578.JPG

3766 Beach safety, Vasiliki, Lefkada P1040866.JPG

3767 Vikos gorge P1050142.JPG

3768 Olive oil soap, Paxi P1050430.JPG

3769 Street direction, Naxos P1060100.JPG

3770 Fish taverna, Paros P1060322.JPG

3771 Restaurant signs, Santorini P1060776.JPG

3772 Sweets, desserts cafe, Folegandros P1070120.JPG

3773 Professional menu, Folegandros P1070287.JPG

3774 Wooden menu, Milos P1070341.JPG

3775 Menus, Sifnos P1070712.JPG

3776 Which way, Sifnos P1070765.JPG

3777 Sign, closed shop, Athens P1080458.JPG

3778 Gyros, souvlaki... Athens P1030069.JPG

3779 Huh... Sifnos P1040546.JPG

3780 Fish specialties, Fiskardo, Kefalonia P1050830.JPG

3781 Unusual menu board, Vasiliki, Lefkada P1060249.JPG

3782 Main road message, Sifnos P1070180.JPG

3783 What'll it be, Hydra P1070776.JPG

3784 Welcome, Chania, Crete P1080333.JPG

3785 Memorial, Ithaka P1040781.JPG

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