Greek Food
One couldn't do a Greek picture gallery without a section on food. We have all heard of the healthy
Mediterranean diet, and below you will see proof of that. I love taking pictures of food. As you can see, the same
 dishes vary a lot from place to place, as does the availability of produce, but all cooks have their own recipes,
and two are never the same. For instance, I have shown seven photos of the special Greek dish moussaka. This is
because moussaka fascinates me. My Greek travel ebook is called "Make Mine A Moussaka" and in it you can
 find the ultimate moussaka recipe:-  httpss://
There's a day of food on this page, from breakfast, to dessert after dinner. Enjoy!

3600 Cheeses, Chania, Crete P1020879.JPG

3601 Cheeses, Chania, Crete P1080266.JPG

3602 Olives, Chania, Crete P1080306.JPG

3603 Herbs, Nafplio P1090500.JPG

3604 Nuts, Chania, Crete P1080292.JPG

3605 Preserves, Sifnos P1040168.JPG

3606 Preserves, Parga P1050577.JPG

3607 Preserves and herbs, Kalavryta P1060693.JPG

3608 Cumquat preserves, Corfu P1050105.JPG

3609 Local wine, Nafplio P1090480.JPG

3610 Coconuts, Athens P1100305.JPG

3611 Cherries, Metsovo P1060018.JPG

3612 Capsicums, Metsovo P1060020.JPG

3613 Greek tomatoes, Sifnos P1040378.JPG

3614 Vegetables, Nafplio P1090515.JPG

3615 Garlic, Metsovo P1060043.JPG

3616 Onions, Naxos P1030590.JPG

3617 Fish shop, Chania, Crete P1020872.JPG

3618 Sardines, Chania, Crete P1080254.JPG

3619 Eels, Chania, Crete P1080279.JPG

3620 Octopus, Chania, Crete P1020874.JPG

3621 Octopus, Naxos P1060124.JPG

3622 Squid, Nafplio P1090508.JPG

3623 Bakery, Naxos P1030624.JPG

3624 Bakery loaves, Naxos P1030626.JPG

3625 Bread rings, Athens P1080459.JPG

3626 Breakfast, Hydra P1050822.JPG

3627 Breakfast, Hydra P1060042.JPG

3628 Breakfast, Ithaka P1040756.JPG

3629 Breakfast, Sifnos P1040170.JPG

3630 Breakfast, Loutro, Crete P1090082.JPG

3631 Greek yoghurt, Sifnos P1040174.JPG

3632 Bread and caffe frappe, Sami, Kefalonia  P1040564.JPG

3633 Omelette, Naxos P1030386.JPG

3634 Kitchen, Ithaka - Pastitsio, large beans P1060389.JPG

3635 Kitchen, Ithaka - chicken, okra P1060488.JPG

3636 Kitchen, Ithaka - Fish, souvlaki P1060395.JPG

3637 Greek wine, Parga P1050070.JPG

3638 Starter - Pita and crushed olives in olive oil, Parga P1040964.JPG

3639 Mezedes, Santorini P1070036.JPG

3640 Mixed vegetable salad mezedes, Athens P1080290.JPG

3641 Fava, Crete P1030257.JPG

3642 Chick-pea Soup, Sifnos P1070708.JPG

3643 Red lentil soup, Paroikia, Paros P1060409.JPG

3644 Bean Soup, Crete P1030258.JPG

3645 Chef's salad, Parga P1050036.JPG

3646 Chef's salad, Folegandros P1070288.JPG

3647 Greek salad, Apollonia, Sifnos P1080108.JPG

3648 Greek Salad, Naxos P1060258.JPG

3649 Salmon salad, Corfu P1050190.JPG

3650 Olives in batter with fetta, Santorini P1030925.JPG

3651 Zucchini Balls, Milos P1070340.JPG

3652 Zucchini 'balls', Naxos P1060292.JPG

3653 Zucchini balls, Ithaki P1040829.JPG

3654 Vegetable croquettes, Hydra P1050950.JPG

3655 Fried Zucchini, Parga P1040965.JPG

3656 Keftedes, Vathy, ithaki P1040663.JPG

3657 Quiche, Santorini P1060761.JPG

3658 Stuffed eggplant, Ithaka P1060509.JPG

3659 Soutsoukakia, Santorini P1070039.JPG

3660 Soutsoukakia, Ithaka P1040793.JPG

3661 Briam, Pylos P1040488.JPG

3662 Briam, Naxos P1060177.JPG

3663 Briam, Santorini P1060790.JPG

3664 Souvlaki, Naxos P1060539.JPG

3665 Souvlaki, Thirassia P1060966.JPG

3666 Souvlaki, Ithaka P1060494.JPG

3667 Souvlaki, Thirassia P1060968.JPG

3668 Souvlaki Metsovo P1050800.JPG

3669 Kontosouvli, soutsoukakia, vegetables, tzatziki, Sifnos P1070885.JPG

3670 Rotisserie, Vathy, Ithaka P1060495.JPG

3671 Yiros, Ithaka P1060392.JPG

3672 Seafood dishes, Halkida DSC05397.JPG

3673 Calamari, Kioni, Ithaka DSC06554.JPG

3674 Cooked octopus, Vathy, Ithaka P1040665.JPG

3675 Prawn Risotto, Crete P1030069.JPG

3676 Seafood risotto, Parga P1050484.JPG

3677 Kleftiko, Parga P1050347.JPG

3678 Moussaka, Ithaka P1060507.JPG

3679 Moussaka, Apollonia, Sifnos P1070686.JPG

3680 Moussaka, Naxos P1060178.JPG

3681 Moussaka, Pylos P1040489.JPG

3682 Moussaka, Sami, Kefalonia P1040567.JPG

3683 Moussaka, Parga P1040967.JPG

3684 Moussaka, Santorini P1060694.JPG

3685 Rigatoni To Kanoni, Monemvasia P1040081.JPG

3686 Baklava, ice cream, chocolates, atThe Liston, Corfu P1050046.JPG

3687 Kataiifi and ice cream, Santorini P1070065.JPG

3688 Kataiifi, Athens P1100192.JPG

3689 Berry dessert, Corfu P1050198.JPG

3690 Galaktobureko, Santorini P1070014.JPG

3691 Cookies, Sifnos P1040151.JPG

3692 Mouse cake, Sifnos P1040159.JPG

3693 Mouse cakes, Sifnos P1040469.JPG

3694 Caffe Frappe, Gefyra P1040319.JPG

3695 Strawberry smoothie, Hydra P1050920.JPG

3696 Mixed fruit smoothie, Sifnos P1040235.JPG

3697 Popcorn and corn, Parga P1060147.JPG

3698 Wedding cake, Sifnos P1070348.JPG

3699 Wedding table, Athens P1080173.JPG

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