As my pictures show, Folegandros is one of the prettiest of the Cyclades Islands.
It is still relatively unspoilt, rugged, and with a rocky coastline, but the two main towns, Karavostasis,
 the port, and the inland hidden Chora, are delightful places. Karavostasis is a great spot for boat watching,
 with yachts, fishing caiques and ferries continually arriving and departing. The Chora hides in the precinct
of a medieval castle and has whitewashed houses, picturesque tavernas and amazing views.
The barren,
 rocky interior of the island is beautiful in its own way. Chora perches on top of a huge cliff, and awesome
terraced fields swoop down to the water’s edge. Folegandros is one of my favourite places in Greece.


2900 On the quay, Folegandros P1040048.JPG

2901 Approach to Karavostasis, Folegandros P1040044.JPG

2902 The quay, Karavostasis, Folegandros P1070328.JPG

2903 The quay, Karavostasis, Folegandros P1040046.JPG

2904 The Vardia Bay Hotel, Karavostasis, Folegandros P1040066.JPG

2905 The quay and marina, Karavostasis, Folegandros P1070329.JPG

2906 Karavostasis from the quay, Folegandros P1040056.JPG

2907 Marina, Karavostasis, Folegandros P1040058.JPG

2908 Marina, Karavostasis, Folegandros P1040059.JPG

2909 Karavostasis from quay, Folegandros P1040055.JPG

2910 Vrahos Hotel, Karavostasis, Folegandros P1070264.JPG

2911 Far side of Karavostasis, Folegandros P1040052.JPG

2912 Far side of Karavostasis and beach, Folegandros P1070173.JPG

2913 The beach, Karavostasis, Folegandros P1040053.JPG

2914 Tavernas, Karavostasis, Folegandros P1070158.JPG

2915 Boats, Karavostasis, Folegandros P1040060.JPG

2916 The marina, Karavostasis, Folegandros P1070089.JPG

2917 Fishing boats, off Karavostasis, Folegandros P1070088.JPG

2918 Vardia Bay, Karavostasis, Folegandros P1070148.JPG

2919 Vardia beach, Karavostasis, Folegandros P1070172.JPG

2920 Vardia beach, Karavostasis, Folegandros P1070168.JPG

2921 Vardia beach, Karavostasis, Folegandros P1070165.JPG

2922 Vardia beach, Vardia Bay, Karavostasis, Folegandros DSC07718.JPG

2923 Looking down on Karavostasis, Folegandros DSC07730.JPG

2924 Karavostasis from other side of Vardia Bay, Folegandros DSC07736.JPG

2925 Fishing boat, Karavostasis, Folegandros  P1070278.JPG

2926 Brightly painted fishing boat, Karavostasis, Folegandros P1070277.JPG

2927 Cats awaiting dinner, Karavostasis, Folegandros P1070267.JPG

2928 Cats awaiting dinner, Karavostasis, Folegandros  P1070273.JPG

2929 Cleaning nets, Karavostasis, Folegandros P1070159.JPG

2930 Cleaning nets, Karavostasis, Folegandros DSC07641.JPG

2931 Rusty anchor, Karavostasis, Folegandros  P1070147.JPG

2932 Discarded anchors, Karavostasis, Folegandros DSC07682.JPG

2933 Karavostasis from road to Chora, Folegandros P1070256.JPG

2934 Vardia Bay from road to Chora, Folegandros P1070255.JPG

2935 Road to Chora, Folegandros P1070244.JPG

2936 Road through gorge, Folegandos P1070238.JPG

2937 Old gate, Folegandros DSC07708.JPG

2938 Old gate, Folegandros P1070245.JPG

2939 Barren rocky hillside, Folegandros P1070236.JPG

2940 Thymus capitatus, wildflower, Folegandros  P1070228.JPG

2941 Local, Folegandros P1070311.JPG

2942 Local, Folegandros P1070212.JPG

2943 Threshing circle, Folegandros P1070214.JPG

2944 Discarded, Folegandros P1070262.JPG

2945 Tiny church in middle of nowhere, Folegandros P1070306.JPG

2946 Lonely church, Folegandos P1070307.JPG

2947 Pretty church, Folegandros P1070241.JPG

2948 Family church, Folegandros P1070216.JPG

2949 Bus stop, Pounta Square, Chora, Folegandros P1070098.JPG

2950 View from Pounta Square, Chora, Folegandros P1070097.JPG

2951 Clifftop Chora, Folegandros P1070294.JPG

2952 Clifftop Chora, Folegandros P1070292.JPG

2953 The drop, Chora, Folegandros P1070293.JPG

2954 Barren coastline, from Chora, Folegandros P1070094.JPG

2955 Clifftop house, Chora, Folegandros P1070139.JPG

2956 Terraced fields, from Chora, Folegandros   P1070124.JPG

2957 Terraced fields, from Chora, Folegandros P1070131.JPG

2958 Terraced fields, from Chora, Folegandros  P1070125.JPG

2959 Terraced fields, Folegandros P1070132.JPG

2960 Aromatic inula, wildflower, Folegandros P1070129.JPG

2961 Entrance to the kastro, Chora, Folegandros P1070119.JPG

2962 Entrance to the kastro, Chora, Folegandros P1070291.JPG

2963 Houses in the kastro, Chora, Folegandros P1070103.JPG

2964 Inside the kastro, Chora, Folegandros P1070107.JPG

2965 Inside the kastro, Chora, Folegandros P1070115.JPG

2966 Inside the kastro, Chora, Folegandros P1070112.JPG

2967 Inside the kastro, Chora, Folegandros P1070290.JPG

2968 Inside the kastro, Chora, Folegandros P1070106.JPG

2969 View from the kastro, Chora, Folegandros P1070116.JPG

2970 View from the kastro, Chora, Folegandros P1070117.JPG

2971 Outside the kastro walls, Chora, Folegandros P1070121.JPG

2972 Outside the kastro walls, Chora, Folegandros P1070136.JPG

2973 Ancient window, Chora, Folegandros P1070284.JPG

2974 Taverna, Chora, Folegandros P1070283.JPG

2975 Taverna, Chora, Folegandros DSC07738.JPG

2976 Taverna menu, Chora, Taverna P1070122.JPG

2977 Geraniums, Chora, Folegandros DSC07602.JPG

2978 Taverna, dusk, Chora, Folegandros DSC07720.JPG

2979 Clifftop, dusk, Chora, Folegandros P1070180.JPG

2980 Sunset, Chora, Folegandros P1070184.JPG

2981 Church of Panagia, near Chora, Folegandros P1070299.JPG

2982 Church of Panagia, near Chora, Folegandros P1070145.JPG

2983 Church of Panagia, near Chora, Folegandros P1070303.JPG

2984 Church of Panagia, near Chora, FolegandrosP1070304.JPG

2985 At home, Karavostasis, Folegandros P1070150.JPG

2986 Cat committee, Chora, Folegandros DSC07636.JPG

2987 Ferry departure, Karavostasis, Folegandros P1070195.JPG

2988 Ferry departure, Karavostasis, Folegandros  P1070202.JPG

2989 Night ferry, Karavostasis, Folegandros DSC07723.JPG

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