Diakofto and Kalavryta
Situated in the prefecture of Archaia in the Peloponnese, Diakofto (sometimes spelled Diakopto) is the
 gateway to the mountains around Kalavryta, and poised at the head of the remarkable Vouraikos Gorge.
  It is the starting point for the spectacular Rack-and-pinion train journey, which ascends seven hundred metres in
twenty-two kilometres through the Gorge. At the Diakofto railway station and in the nearby railway yards, interesting old trains
 can be seen. My pictures on this page show the amazing railway track, streams, caves and ancient bridges, and the rugged rock
 walls of the Gorge itself. At the top of the Gorge is the ski town of Kalavryta, known also for the massacre that occurred
 there during World War 11. The hands of the old clock on the Cathedral still show 2.34, the time the terrible event began.
 It is now a pretty tourist town with fascinating shops and lovely tavernas under shady umbrellas.

800 Diakofto from Marina DSC06329.JPG

801 Marina, Diakofto DSC06328.JPG

802 Mountains and Vouraikos Gorge P1060876.JPG

803 Orchard and Mountains, Diakofto P1060880.JPG

804 Stream, Diakofto DSC06357.JPG

805 Ancient Bridge, Diakofto P1060854.JPG

806 Mountains, Diakofto P1060831.JPG

807 Wild Poppies, Diakofto DSC06344.JPG

808 Old Train, Diakofto Station P1060895.JPG

809 Rack-and-pinion Train, Diakofto P1060550.JPG

810 Rack-and-pinion Train P1060828.JPG

811 Wildflowers, Rack-and-pinion Railway DSC06343.JPG

812 Into the Vouraikos Gorge P1060841.JPG

813 Vouraikos Gorge, Diakofto DSC06364.JPG

814 Vouraikos Gorge, Diakofto DSC06386.JPG

815 Rock Wall of Gorge P1060817.JPG

816 Cave House, Diakofto P1060848.JPG

817 Cave House P1060851.JPG

818 Through the Mountain P1060609.JPG

819 Tunnel, Vouraikos Gorge P1060596.JPG

820 Tunnel and Bridge P1060635.JPG

821 Tunnels and Overhangs P1060597.JPG

822 Through the Mountain P1060811.JPG

823 More Tunnels P1060620.JPG

824 Rack-and-pinion Track P1060617.JPG

825 Zahlorou Station P1060753.JPG

826 Mountain Stream P1060790.JPG

827 Mountain Stream P1060795.JPG

828 Mountain Stream P1060797.JPG

829 Mountain Stream P1060798.JPG

830 Top of the Gorge, Kalavryta P1060715.JPG

831 End of the Line P1060653.JPG

832 Kalavryta Station P1060713.JPG

833 Main Street Kalavryta P1060699.JPG

834 Tourist shop, Kalavryta P1060672.JPG

835 Herbal Shop, Kalavryta P1060673.JPG

836 Homemade Produce, Kalavryta P1060693.JPG

837 Pinnochio, Kalavryta P1060685.JPG

838 Stone Building, Kalavryta P1060695.JPG

839 Tiny Church, Kalavryta P1060662.JPG

840 Kalavryta Cathedral P1060705.JPG