Delphi and Arahova. Evia
The beautiful surroundings of Ancient Delphi are shown here, a fitting backdrop to the amazing ruins.
The stark columns of the Temple of Apollo blend into the craggy mountains and look down upon the remains of the
Roman Agora. Above the Temple is a fourth century theatre. An ancient running track leads to The Sanctuary of
, a beautiful circular structure on the hillside below the Sanctuary of Apollo. Twelve kilometres from Delphi
 is the attractive ski town of Arahova on the slopes of Mt. Parnassos. I have included some pictures of the attractive
 streets and shops and some beautiful views. Lastly I have included on this page ten pictures taken at Halkida on the
 Island of Evia where the unusual changing water current is a feature. Here I was intrigued by the balloon sellers,
 and the octopus hanging out to dry at the psari-estiatorio (fish-restaurant) - check out the food for our fish lunch!

0101 Temple of Apollo, Delphi DSC05346.JPG

0102 Temple of ApolloP1030258.JPG

0103 Temple of Apollo P1030254.JPG

0104 Temple of Apollo P1030261.JPG

0105 Temple of Apollo P1030248.JPG

0106 Along the Sacred Way Delphi DSC05317.JPG

0107 On the Sacred Way P1030230.JPG

0108 Along the Sacred Way DSC05329.JPG

0109 Sacred Way P1030279.JPG

0110 Wildflowers, Sacred Way P1030241.JPG

0111 The Treasury House P1030238.JPG

0112 Theatre Delphi P1030263.JPG

0113Temple and Theatre, Delphi DSC05344.JPG

0114 Hillside, Delphi P1030267.JPG

0115 Ruins and Wildflowers, Delphi P1030245.JPG

0116 Beautiful Hillside, Delphi P1030246.JPG

0117 Giant Fennel wildflower, Delphi P1030232.JPG

0118 Campanula on ancient rock wall, Delphi P1030235.JPG

0119 Ancient Running Track, Delphi P1030289.JPG

0120 Sanctuary of Athena, Delphi DSC05358.JPG

0121 Sanctuary of Athena, Delphi P1030295.JPG

0122 Sanctuary of Athena, Delphi P1030298.JPG

0123 Sanctuary of Athena, Delphi P1030303.JPG

0124 Arahova and Mt. Parnassos P1030224.JPG

0125 Street scene, Arahova P1030217.JPG

0126 Street scene, Arahova P1030221.JPG

0127 Sidewalk, Arahova DSC05369.JPG

0128 Sidewalk, Arahova DSC05378.JPG

0129 Fur Hats, Arahova DSC05376.JPG

0130 Shop, Arahova P1030222.JPG

0131 Tower, Arahova P1030215.JPG

0132 Hillside, Arahova P1030218.JPG

0133 Bridge to Halkida, Evia DSC05399.JPG

0134 Water Race, Halkida DSC05386.JPG

0135 Water Race, Halkida DSC05391.JPG

0136 Water Race, Halkida DSC05384.JPG

0137 Fishing the Water Race, Halkida DSC05383.JPG

0138 Balloon Seller, Halkida DSC05389.JPG

0139 Balloon Sellers, Halkida DSC05390.JPG

0140 Balloon Seller, Halkida DSC05395.JPG

0141 Taverna, Halkida DSC05393.JPG

0142 Seafood Lunch, Halkida DSC05397.JPG

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