Culture and the People
Some of these photographs have already been seen on other pages, but I have brought them all together
for a glimpse of Greek life. Watching the people at work and play is one of my favourite occupations when travelling
 around Greece. Music, dancing, baptisms, weddings, funerals. Games, meetings, markets. Traditions.

3600 Musicians, Chania, Crete P1020926.JPG

3601 Entertainers, Corfu P1050191.JPG

3602 Musicians leading wedding party, Sifnos P1070491.JPG

3603 Impromptu concert, Ferry to Sami P1040495.JPG

3604 Entertainers, Athens P1080287.JPG

3605 Pianist practising, Naxos P1060082.JPG

3606 Learning Greek dancing, Nafplio P1030596.JPG

3607 Greek dancing at wedding reception,  Athens P1080216.JPG

3608 Dancers, Athens P1080283.JPG

3609 Traditional dancers, Gefyra P1090932.JPG

3610 Traditional dancers, Gefyra P1090981.JPG

3611 Traditional dancers, Gefyra P1100042.JPG

3612 Bridal party, Chania, Crete P1030570.JPG

3613 Bridal party, Santorini P1030859.JPG

3614 Bridal party, Monemvasia P1040309.JPG

3615 Bride, Parga P1050053.JPG

3616 Bridal party, Nafplio P1090560.JPG

3617 Decorating church steps, Glyfada P1070958.JPG

3618 Bridal party ascending steps, Glyfada P1070970.JPG

3619 Wedding service, Glyfada P1070976.JPG

3620 Bridal couple, wedding service, Glyfada P1080013.JPG

3621 Flowers decorating wedding car, Glyfada P1080124.JPG

3622 Flowers decorating wedding car, Chania, Crete P1020931.JPG

3623 Decorating for a wedding reception, Sifnos P1070859.JPG

3624 Wedding gifts for guests, Glyfada P1080248.JPG

3625 Veil for a baptism, Monemvasia P1040249.JPG

3626 Baptised child, Kalavryta P1060669.JPG

3627 Band, funeral procession, Argostoli, Kefalonia 00000038.JPG

3628 Early costumes, Apiranthos, Naxos P1030356.JPG

3629 Traditional costume, Metsovo P1060007.JPG

3630 Traditional costume, Metsovo P1060029.JPG

3631 Traditional costumes, Monemvasia P1040256.JPG

3632 Clergy, Ithaka P1040763.JPG

3633, Church interior, Sifnos P1040277.JPG

3634 Church service, Parga P1050068.JPG

3635 After church, Monemvasia P1090821.JPG

3636 Village meeting, Sifnos P1070506.JPG

3637 Games for men, Naxos P1060208.JPG

3638 Games for men, Naxos P1030533.JPG

3639 Playing draughts, Naxos Chora P1030700.JPG

3640 Filming TV, Sifnos P1070482.JPG

3641 Chatting, Metsovo P1060009.JPG

3642 Chatting, Milos P1040126.JPG

3643 Chatting, Naxos P1060200.JPG

3644 Chatting, Naxos P1060271.JPG

3645 Last day of exams, Corfu P1050047.JPG

3646 At the market, Metsovo P1090467.JPG

3647 Market, Nafplio P1060015.JPG

3648 Flea market, Athens P1080247.JPG

3649 Balloon seller, Chania, Crete P1080405.JPG

3650 Corn and popcorn seller, Parga P1060147.JPG

3651 Popcorn, Paleohora, Crete P1080609.JPG

3652 Shop, back of a van, Zagoria P1050134.JPG

3653 Shop, back of a van, Milos P1070622.JPG

3654 Fish shop, back of a van, Sifnos P1070893.JPG

3655 Fish shop on board, Hydra P1070864.JPG

3656 Loading a fridge onto ferry, Agia Roumeli, Crete P1030540.JPG

3657 Loading ferry, Ithaka P1040837.JPG

3658 Unloading ferry, Folegandros P1070195.JPG

3659 Loading ferries, Agia Roumeli, Crete P1030502.JPG

3660 Loading ferry, Sifnos P1080201.JPG

3661 Loading cruise boat, Hydra P1050882.JPG

3662 Unloading, Hydra P1060001.JPG

3663 Loaded donkeys, Hydra P1070696.JPG

3664 Loaded donkeys, Hydra P1070698.JPG

3665 Loaded donkeys, Hydra P1070816.JPG

3666 Loaded donkeys, Hydra P1070601.JPG

3667 Loaded donkeys, Sifnos P1070696.JPG

3668 Loaded donkeys, Monemvasia P1040313.JPG

3669 Loaded donkey, Sifnos P1040135.JPG

3670 Feeding a donkey, Sifnos P1070648.JPG

3671 Loading a donkey, Hydra P1060022.JPG

3672 Cleaning up, Hydra P1060027.JPG

3673 Fisherman, Sami, Kefalonia P1040510.JPG

3674 Cleaning nets, Folegandros P1070159.JPG

3675 Painting the boat, Pylos P1040442.JPG

3676 Bus station, Sparta P1040076.JPG

3677 Bus station, Pylos P1040452.JPG

3678 Horse and carriage, Chania, Crete P1080415.JPG

3679 Wall painting, Gefyra P1040392.JPG

3680 Traditional flagstone outlining, Sifnos P1040280.JPG

3681 Potter, Nafplio P1030740.JPG

3682 Potter, Platys Gialos, Sifnos P1070327.JPG

3683 Potter, Kamares, Sifnos P1070898.JPG

3684 Restoration, Monemvasia P1090692.JPG

3685 Cleaning the carpets, Parga 00000307.JPG

3686 Cleaning the carpets, Metsovo P1050997.JPG

3687 Church carpets drying, Ithaka P1040656.JPG

3688 Bakery, Sifnos P1040142.JPG

3689 Old wheat grinding mill, Parga P1050016.JPG

3690 Natural history museum, Naxos P1030476.JPG

3691 Natural history museum, Naxos P1030360.JPG

3692 Natural history museum, Naxos P1030363.JPG

3693 Natural history museum, Naxos P1030361.JPG

3694 Old loom, Naxos P1030362.JPG

3695 Hand embroidery, Naxos P1030591.JPG

3696 Lifeguard lookout, Vasiliki, Lefkada P1040861.JPG

3697 Cricket match, Corfu P1050147.JPG

3698 Changing of the Guard, Athens P1100256.JPG

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