Crete 1 - Chania
My favourite town on the North Coast of the Island of Crete is Chania. Originally set behind ancient
stone walls, the old town retains its Venetian influence, with narrow stepped streets and fascinating old restored
buildings. It has a particularly vibrant paralia (waterfront), attractive tavernas and restaurants, and an enticing
market. The old Venetian lighthouse is the outstanding landmark, and watching the swallows circle at dusk and
the sun setting behind it is a memorable experience. 

3100 Chania, morning, snow on White Mountains, Crete P1020991.JPG

3101 Chania, morning, snow on White Mountains, Crete P1020992.JPG

3102  Lefka Ori (white) mountains from Chania centre, Crete P1020993.JPG

3103 Ancient city walls, Chania, Crete P1030593.JPG

3104 Ancient city walls, Chania, Crete P1080374.JPG

3105 Ancient city walls, Chania, Crete P1080330.JPG

3106 Detail of ancient city wall, Chania, Crete P1080474.JPG

3107 Old wall and tavernas, Chania, Crete P1080355.JPG

3108 Old wall, tavernas and ancient buildings, Chania, Crete P1020983.JPG

3109 Waterfront (paralia), Chania, Crete P1080335.JPG

3110 Mosque of Kioutsouk Hasan, paralia, Chania, Crete P1030267.JPG

3111 Waterfront (paralia), Chania, Crete P1080346.JPG

3112 Waterfront (paralia), Chania, Crete P1080351.JPG

3113 Waterfront (paralia), Chania, Crete P1080388.JPG

3114 Waterfront, Old harbour, Early morning, Chania, Crete P1020941.JPG

3115 Waterfront, Old Town, Chania, Crete P1020896.JPG

3116 Waterfront, Old Town, Chania, Crete P1020951.JPG

3117 Waterfront, Chania, Crete P1080460.JPG

3118 Waterfront, Chania, Crete P1080456.JPG

3119 Lovely old buildings, Old harbour, Chania, Crete P1080459.JPG

3120 Carriages lined up under the old wall, Chania, Crete  P1080496.JPG

3121 Horse-drawn Carriages, Old town, Chania, Crete P1020955.JPG

3122 Horse-drawn Carriage, Old Town, Chania, CreteP1020944.JPG

3123 Horse-drawn carriage, Chania, Crete P1080507.JPG

3124 Horse-drawn carriage, Chania, Crete P1080415.JPG

3125 Horse-drawn carriage, Chania, Crete P1030589.JPG

3126 Bride alighting from carriage, Old Chania, Crete P1030567.JPG

3127 Bride being photographed, Old Harbour, Chania, Crete P1030156.JPG

3128 Visiting Russian sailors in photo shoot, Chania, Crete P1090190.JPG

3129 Visiting Russian sailors, Chania, Crete  P1090192.JPG

3130 Castle walls, Old Harbour, Evening, Chania, Crete P1030066.JPG

3131 Looking across to Naval Museum, Chania, Crete P1080458.JPG

3132 Old Anchor, Naval Museum, Chania, Crete P1020899.JPG

3133 Outside Naval Museum, Chania, Crete P1080386.JPG

3134 Fishing opposite the Venetian lighthouse, Chania, Crete P1080380.JPG

3135 Fishing opposite the Venetian lighthouse, Chania, Crete.JPG

3136  Venetian lighthouse, Old Town Harbour, Chania, Crete P1020946.JPG

3137 Returning cruise boat, Old Town Harbour, Chania, Crete P1080339.JPG

3138 Fortezza restaurant, old Venetian ramparts, Chania, Crete P1090193.JPG

3139 Lighthouse buzzed by an ultralight hang glider, Chania, Crete P1080356.JPG

3140 Ultralight hang glider over Chania, Crete P1080477.JPG

3141 Balloons, Chania, Crete P1030585.JPG

3142 Nuts and fruit stand, Chania, Crete P1080361.JPG

3143 Ceramic shop, Old Chania, Crete P1020954.JPG

3144 Display of slippers, Chania, CreteP1030583.JPG

3145 Back street shop, Old Chania, Crete P1020904.JPG

3146 Lovely shops, Chania, Crete P1090184.JPG

3147 The Chania Market, at the time of the strikes, Crete  P1080319.JPG

3148 Fish stand in the market, Chania, Crete  P1080260.JPG

3149 Olives, Chania market, Crete P1080262.JPG

3150 Olives, Chania market, Crete P1080264.JPG

3151 Olives, Chania market, Crete P1080303.JPG

3152 Sheep's cheese, Chania market, Crete  P1080266.JPG

3153 Eel for sale, Chania market, Crete P1080273.JPG

3154 Herbs and spices etc, Chania market, Crete  P1080286.JPG

3155 Interesting stand, Chania market, Crete  P1080293.JPG

3156 Bread rings, Chania market, Crete P1080313.JPG

3157 Setting up tables, morning, Old Chania, Crete P1020932.JPG

3158 Setting up for the day, Chania, Crete P1030575.JPG

3159 Restaurant, Chania, Crete P1030581.JPG

3160 Secluded corner, Old Chania, Crete.JPG

3161 Street taverna, Chania, Crete P1080451.JPG

3162 Street cafe, Chania, Crete P1080392.JPG

3163 Tavernas, Old Harbour, Chania, Crete P1030588.JPG

3164 Restaurant, Chania, Crete P1080427.JPG

3165 Taverna, Chania, Crete P1080393.JPG

3166 Street scene, Old Chania, Crete.JPG

3167 Street scene, Old Chania, Crete P1020960.JPG

3168 Street scene, Old Chania, Crete P1080372.JPG

3169 Street scene, Chania, Crete P1080478.JPG

3170 Street scene, Chania, Crete P1080467.JPG

3171 Street scene, Chania, Crete P1080466.JPG

3172 Stepped Street, Old Chania, Crete P1030266.JPG

3173 Steps to the castle, Chania, Crete P1090194.JPG

3174 Steps, Chania, Crete P1080449.JPG

3175 Old facade, Old Chania, Crete P1020918.JPG

3176 Old facade, Old Chania, Crete P1080452.JPG

3177 Old Venetian building, Chania, Crete  P1080445.JPG

3178 Old building, Old Chania, Crete P1030260.JPG

3179 Old Venetian ruin, Chania, Crete P1080462.JPG

3180 Old buildings, Chania, Crete P1020949.JPG

3181 Castle gateway, Chania, Crete P1080471.JPG

3182 Hotel Contessa, Old Chania, Crete P1030265.JPG

3183 Old facade, Old Chania, Crete P1080446.JPG

3184 Old cart, Chania, Crete P1090188.JPG

3185 Fancy street lamp, Chania, Crete P1080470.JPG

3186 Fancy street lamp, dusk, Chania, Crete P1030573.JPG

3187 Swallows circling, dusk, Chania, Crete P1080336.JPG

3188 Procession, dusk, Chania, Crete P1080437.JPG

3189 The lighthouse, dusk, Chania, Crete P1080426.JPG

3190 The castle, sunset, Chania, Crete P1080429.JPG

3191 Sunset, Chania, Crete P1080440.JPG

3192 Waterfront reflections, Chania, Crete P1080513.JPG

3193 Waterfront reflections, Chania, Crete P1030075.JPG

3194 Waterfront reflections, Chania, Crete P1080515.JPG

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