Corfu is the most northerly island of the western Ionian chain, and is known as Kerkyra by the
Greeks. Immortalised in the 20th century by the Durrell brothers in their famous writings, Corfu is one of
the most well-visited of the Greek islands. The main town - Corfu Town - is a charming mix of British,
Italian, French and Greek. The old remaining Venetian buildings give a great ambience to the Old Town,
centred as it is between the two fortresses (the Old and the New).The English cricket ground is still there,
and on one of my visits a match was in progress. Yes there are Greek cricket teams! The Liston is the
area of the French-style arcades where superb desserts are served - nobody should miss a treat here.
Just roaming the narrow streets of the Old Town, looking at the shops and the old buildings
 is a very special indulgence.

1500 Corfu Airport P1050027.JPG

1501 Palaio Frourio (Old Fortress), Corfu P1050029.JPG

1502 Old Fortress, Corfu P1050115.JPG

1503 Old Fortress, Corfu P1050030.JPG

1504 Old Fortress, Corfu P1050109.JPG

1505 Old Fortress P1050108.JPG

1506 Corfu Town P1050119.JPG

1507 Corfu Town P1050120.JPG

1508 Kapodistriou, Corfu Town P1050039.JPG

1509 Kapidistriou, Corfu Town P1050210.JPG

1510 Kapodistriou, Corfu Town P1050172.JPG

1511 Corfu Town P1050066.JPG

1512 Corfu Town P1050064.JPG

1513 Corfu Town P1050052.JPG

1514 Corfu Town P1050065.JPG

1515 Corfu Town P1050051.JPG

1516 Corfu Town P1050056.JPG

1517 Stone Paving Corfu Town P1050055.JPG

1518 Corfu Town P1050068.JPG

1519 Corfu Town P1050099.JPG

1520 Corfu Town P1050104.JPG

1521 Corfu Town P1050125.JPG

1522 Corfu Town P1050128.JPG

1523 Corfu Town P1050134.JPG

1524 Corfu Town P1050207.JPG

1525 Corfu Town P1050212.JPG

1526 Corfu Town P1050060.JPG

1527 The Liston, Kapodistriou, Old Corfu Town P1050177.JPG

1528 The Liston, Kapodistriou, Old Corfu Town P1050048.JPG

1529 The Liston, Kapodistriou, Old Corfu Town P1050101.JPG

1530 The Liston, Kapodistriou, Old Corfu Town  P1050041.JPG

1531 Lanterns, The Liston, Old Corfu Town P1050141.JPG

1532 The Liston, Old Corfu Town P1050100.JPG

1533 Coffee, at The Liston, Old Corfu Town  P1050205.JPG

1534 Baklava, ice cream, chocolates, at The Liston P1050046.JPG

1535 Serenade at the Liston, Old Corfu Town  P1050191.JPG

1536 End of Exams! The Liston, Old Corfu Town P1050047.JPG

1537 Royal Palace, Old Corfu Town P1050103.JPG

1538 Cricket Ground, Old Corfu Town P1050143.JPG

1539 Cricket Match, Royal Palace in Background  P1050147.JPG

1540 Carriages, Spaniada, Old Corfu Town P1050148.JPG

1541 Carriages, Spaniada, Old Corfu Town P1050152.JPG

1542 Decorative Carriage, Spaniada P1050167.JPG

1543 Guilford Statue, Old Corfu Town P1050157.JPG

1544 Statue and Gardens, Old Corfu Town  P1050159.JPG

1545 Friends, Statue, Old Corfu Town P1050164.JPG

1546 Rotunda, Spaniada, Old Corfu Town P1050034.JPG

1547 Entrance to Palaio Frourio (Old Fortress), Corfu P1050096.JPG

1548 Not For Sale sign on Fortress! P1050166.JPG

1549 Fortress Entrance, Corfu P1050074.JPG

1550 The Moat, Old Fortress, Corfu P1050155.JPG

1551 The Moat, Old Fortress, Corfu P1050161.JPG

1552 The Moat, Old Fortress, Corfu P1050073.JPG

1553 Inside Palaio Frounio (Old Fortress) Corfu P1050076.JPG

1554 Old Clock Tower, Palaio Frounio (Old Fortress) P1050077.JPG

1555 Entrance to Fortress Tower, Corfu P1050082.JPG

1556 Old Fortress Wall, Corfu P1050080.JPG

1557 Steps into Old Fortress, Corfu P1050163.JPG

1558 Tourist Train, Old Corfu Town P1050093b.jpg

1559 Old Bells, Old Corfu Town P1050059.JPG

1560 Bells and Roses, Old Corfu Town P1050058.JPG

1561 Taverna, Old Corfu Town P1050126.JPG

1562 Local Produce Shop, Old Corfu Town P1050053.JPG

1563 Local Cumquat Wines, Old Corfu Town P1050105.JPG

1564 Bougainvillea, Old Corfu Town P1050067.JPG

1565 Old Clock Tower, Old Corfu Tower P1050054.JPG

1566 Venetian Buildng, Old Corfu Town P1050035.JPG

1567 Venetian Ruin, Old Corfu Town P1050036.JPG

1568 Venetian Building, Old Corfu Town P1050037.JPG

1569 Old Buildings, Old Corfu Town  P1050040.JPG

1570 Old and New, Old Corfu Town P1050083.JPG

1571 Venetian Building, Old Corfu Town P1050173.JPG

1572 Old Buildings, Old Corfu Town P1050130.JPG

1573 Washing Day, Old Corfu Town P1050216.JPG

1574 Silhouette, Old Corfu Town P1050231.JPG

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