Corinth Canal
Just a few pictures of this amazing canal, first proposed in the 7th century BC and finally completed
in the 19th century AD. It cuts through the Isthmus of Corinth, separating the Peloponnese
 from Attica on the Mainland. My pictures show the fascinating road bridge. It doesn't open
 to allow boats through to the sea, but sinks into the water so they can sail over the top of it.

2200 Corinth Canal from bridge P1100112.JPG

2201 Corinth Canal, other side of bridge P1100115.JPG

2202 Corinth Canal P1100116.JPG

2203 Road Bridge over Canal, entrance to sea P1100140.JPG

2204 Road Bridge over Canal, sinking into water P1100135.JPG

2205 Road Bridge almost submerged P1100134.JPG

2206 Fishing Boat coming through Canal entrance P1100118.JPG

2207 Speedboat coming through Canal entrance  P1100142.JPG

2208 Freighter coming through Canal entrance P1100121.JPG

2209 Large Freighter coming through Canal entrance P1100129.JPG

2210 Tug pulling Freighter through Canal entrance P1100128.JPG

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