On this page you will find Athens at your feet - vistas of the city from the Acropolis and from Lykavittos Hill.
My pictures include the Acropolis, for the Parthenon, the Erechtheion with the Caryatids (the maiden coloums), the Theatre
of Dionysos
and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. Other views include the Temple of Olympian Zeus and Hadrian's Gate, with
the nearby Zapion Exhibition Hall and the fourth century BC Panathenaic Stadium, which was completely restored in 1895 and a
venue during the 2004 Olympics. Pictures of the Agora include Hadrian's Library and the Tower of the Winds. Ancient Athena
can be seen underneath the new Acropolis Museum, uncovered by the excavations at the time of building. I have included street
scenes of Monastiraki and the Plaka. Eclectic shops range from kitsch souvenirs to the flea market, and mix with colourful
sidewalk tavernas, musicians, dancers, and street vendors. Right in the middle of the shopping precinct is the 11th century
Church of Kapnikarea. I have also included the attractive district of Kolonaki, Lake Marathon at sunset,
and of course some shots outside Parliament of the Changing of the Guard.

001 Athens from the Acropolis DSC05110

002 Athens from the Acropolis P1030133

003 Athens from the Acropolis P1030158

004 AthensTowards the Agora P1080304

005 View of Athens P1080346

006 Distant View of the Acropolis P1100089

007 Acropolis from Monastiraki P1030113

008 Athens - Acropolis P1100205

009 Athens - Acropolis P1080237

010 Athens - Acropolis P1080240

011 Athens - Acropolis P1080384

012 Propylaia Entrance - Acropolis DSC05112

013 Athens - the Parthenon P1080452

014 Facelift - Parthenon DSC05157

016 The Parthenon - Acropolis P1080344

017 Columns - the Parthenon P1030143

018 Columns - the Parthenon P1030149

019 The Parthenon P1030161

020 The Parthenon P1080338

021 Pediment - the Parthenon P1030145

022 Pediment - the Parthenon P1080343

023 Pediment - the Parthenon P1030148

024 Pediment - the Parthenon P1080337

025 Marble Lions Acropolis P1030176

026 Caryatids - Erechtheion - Acropolis P1030141

027 Caryatids - Erechtheion - Acropolis P1030167

027 Erechtheion - Acropolis P1080327

029 The Propylaia - Acropolis P1080362

030 Columns - Propylaia - Acropolis P1080361

031 View - Odeon of Herodus Atticus - Acropolis DSC05124

032 Odeon of Herodes Atticus P1030128

033 Orchestra - Odeon of Herodes Atticus P1080314

034 Odeon of Herodes Atticus P1080311

035 Odeon of Herodes Atticus P1080312

036 Theatre of Dionysos P1030157

037 Hard Seats - Theatre of Dionysos P1080375

038 Theatre of Dionysos P1080374

039 Battlements Acropolis P1080347

040 The Parthenon through trees P1080441

041 The Acropolis at Night P1030112

042 Excavation - Acropolis Musem P1030179

043 Excavation - Acropolis Museum P1030177

044 Agora DSC05187

045 Agora & Acropolis DSC08178

046 Agora P1080302

047 Temple of the Winds - Agora P1080265

048 Hadrian's Library Agora P1100316

049 Column - Hadrian's Library P1080271

050 Nymphs - Agora DSC05188

051 Jewellery Market - Agora - Monastiraki DSC05181

052 Monastiraki P1080412

053 Fruit Market - Monastiraki DSC05193

054 Monastiraki Flea Market P1080258a

055 Monastiraki Flea Market P1080248

056 Monastiraki Flea Market P1080254

057 View to Acropolis & Olympian Zeus DSC05223

058 Temple of Olympian Zeus DSC05084

059 Temple of Olympian Zeus P1030190

060 Temple of Olympian Zeus P1080394

061 Temple of Olympian Zeus P1080399

062 Fallen Column Olympian Zeus P1080402

063 Hadrian's Gate P1030185

064 Zapion Exhibition Hall DSC05221

065 Panathinaikon Stadium DSC05224

066 Changing of the Guard - winter DSC05293

067 Changing of the Guard, Parliament DSC05287

068 Changing of the Guard - summer P1100272

069 Changing of the Guard P1080485

070 Changing of the Guard P1100256

071 Changing of the Guard P1100286

072 Changing of the Guard P1100289

073 Changing of the Guard P1100292

074 Kolonaki DSC05263

075 Kolonaki DSC05260

076 Kolonaki Street Market DSC05235

077 Street Flower Stand DSC05243

078 Athens Tourist Train P1080434

079 Plaka Street & Acropolis DSC05204

080 Lunchtime - Plaka DSC05163

081 Lunchtime - Plaka P1080275

082 Plaka - Lunchtime P1080407

083 Plaka - Dinnertime P1080277

084 Taverna Entertainers - Athens P1080287

085 Traditional Dancing, Plaka P1080279

086 Traditional Dancers, Plaka P1080283

087 Bottle Shop, Plaka P1030066

088 Bottle Shop P1080286a

089 Bags - Plaka DSC05174

090 Sandal Shop, Plaka P1080274

091 Pix Gallery - Plaka DSC08210

092 Mask, Plaka P1030059

093 Mask, Plaka P1080414

094 Mask, Plaka P1080415

095 City from Syntagma Square P1100296

096 Syntagma During Strikes 2011 P1100226

097 Church of Kapnikarea, Ermou St. P1080422

098 Church Porch P1100310

099 Lake Marathon P1100160

099a Lake Marathon P1100171

099b Sunset Lake Marathon P1100196

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