Little Cyclades and Amorgos
The islands of the Little Cyclades - way out past Naxos - are tiny gems, whose very location puts them in
 the too-hard basket for many travellers. Iraklia, Schinousa, Koufonisia, and Donousa are all visited by ferry,
 and are wonderful destinations for holiday R&R.
Amorgos, sort of adrift as the most easterly island of the Cyclades
 group, is
an unspoilt island, but, as my photographs will show, very attractive and well worth a visit. The
main towns, Katapola and Aegiali,
are whitewashed gems, with pretty tavernas, and waterfronts complete with
 fishing boats, their yellow nets spread out to dry.
The winding streets of the inland Chora are particularly appealing.
 One of Amorgos’s features is Moni Hozoviotissis, the extraordinary white monastery clinging to the cliff face, featured
 in many travel brochures and guide books. During my stay on Amorgos the locals were on strike! Their banner -
 ‘We want Ships not Empty Ports’ - shows the good people of Amorgos want more ferries to bring more tourists!

1600 Iraklia, Little Cyclades dsc01757.jpg

1601 Iraklia, Little Cyclades dsc01759.jpg

1602 Schinousa, Little Cyclades dsc01761.jpg

1603 Schinousa, Little Cyclades dsc01763.jpg

1604 Schinousa, Little Cyclades  dsc01765.jpg

1605 Koufonisia, Little Cyclades dsc01770.jpg

1606 Koufonisia, Little Cyclades  dsc01771.jpg

1607 Donousa, Little Cyclades dsc01779.jpg

1608 Donousa, Little Cyclades dsc01781.jpg

1609 Katapola, Amorgos dsc01790.jpg

1610 Katapola, Amorgos dsc01889.jpg

1611 Katapola, Amorgos dsc01888.jpg

1612 Katapola, Amorgos dsc01787.jpg

1613 Katapola, Amorgos dsc01802.jpg

1614 Katapola, Amorgos dsc01796.jpg

1615 Boats, Katapola, Amorgos dsc01794.jpg

1616 Boats, Katapola, Amorgos dsc01797.jpg

1617 Fishing boat, Katapola, Amorgos dsc01792.jpg

1618 Fishing nets, Katapola, Amorgos dsc01795.jpg

1619 Taverna, Katapola, Amorgos dsc01803.jpg

1620 Locals, Katapola, Amorgos dsc01789.jpg

1621 Looking down on Katapola, Amorgos dsc01839.jpg

1622 Road into Chora, Amorgos dsc01831.jpg

1623 Windmills on Chora hilltop, Amorgos dsc01830.jpg

1624  Windmills on Chora hilltop, Amorgos dsc01828.jpg

1625 Chora, Amorgos dsc01814.jpg

1626 Chora, Amorgos dsc01833.jpg

1627 Pretty street Chora, Amorgos dsc01829.jpg

1628 Street, Chora, Amorgos dsc01817.jpg

1629 Street, Chora, Amorgos dsc01815.jpg

1630 Street, Chora, Amorgos dsc01818.jpg

1631 Geraniums, Chora, Amorgos dsc01826.jpg

1632 Geraniums, Chora, Amorgos dsc01799.jpg

1633 Steps to nowhere, Amorgos dsc01819.jpg

1634 Moni Hozoviotissis, Amorgos dsc01820.jpg

1635 Moni Hozoviotissis, Amorgos dsc01825.jpg

1636 Moni Hozoviotissis, Amorgos dsc01821.jpg

1637 Aegiali, Amorgos dsc01872.jpg

1638 Aegiali, Amorgos dsc01878.jpg

1639 Street, Aegiali, Amorgos dsc01876.jpg

1640 Taverna, Aegiali, Amorgos dsc01877.jpg

1641 Marina, Aegiali, Amorgos dsc01868.jpg

1642 Mini-windmill, Aegiali, Amorgos dsc01867.jpg

1643 Ducks, Katapola, Amorgos dsc01809.jpg

1644 Patience, Aegiali, Amorgos dsc01875.jpg

1645 Demonstration, Katapola, Amorgos dsc01846.jpg

1646 Demonstration, Katapola, Amorgos dsc01844.jpg

1647 Confrontation, Katapola, Amorgos dsc01849.jpg

1648 Demonstration, Katapola, Amorgos dsc01862.jpg

1649 Demonstration, Katapola, Amorgos dsc01863.jpg